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I have a lot of stuff going on recently. A lot of projects in the works, finishing up, or marinating in my mind space. Until the things on my “to do” list switch to my “to done list” and I can tell you about them, enjoy these recent photos of life.

Spoiled Ladies

The girls are handling the random changing of weather like pros, even if they are spoiled rotten with their heat lamp for the cold nights and fan for the hot days. They follow me when I go to the backyard to check on them, and sometimes it is a bit unsettling. I feel like they are plotting things against me, so I make sure to keep their food and water well stocked. That way I’m more of a necessity to their lives, and I can continue to steal their eggs.

Judging you

Jaydee is getting super cuddly as the weather gets cooler. He also let’s me know how important he is, when he needs to be fed, and how displeased he is when I give attention to other animals.

Fall colors have been exploding around here. I don’t remember the trees showing so many great colors for any amount of time in previous years before going bald for winter. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in years past. Whatever it is, it’s pleasant and makes me hopeful for a good winter.

Possibly the best update is that Christmas decorations are going up. Nick and I are slowly growing our holiday collections of decorations, and this year it’s looking good. I’m trying to keep from stocking up on more lights and things, but it might be a losing battle.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far and had an excellent start to the holidays during Thanksgiving.

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New Trick

The chickens have a new trick – being super creepy!

First, they learned how to run around all crazy and pumped when someone goes outside, hoping to be let out of their pen for some serious bug devouring around the backyard. Then, they learned how to lay eggs, which is awesome. Around the same time, they learned how to invoke terror in my cat. Now, they have learned how to be precious and creepy in one simple action.

Oh hey guys!

The new house has these great windows that open into the backyard. When either Nick or myself are at home, we like to open the blinds and let the chickens run free in the backyard, as long as we can keep an eye on them to make sure they are ok. The little monsters have decided to keep an eye on us instead. They jump up on the windowsill and just stare at us making little chicken sounds. They also like to hang out at the back door. It is a little strange to look over at the window and see a chunky chicken starring at you.

mocking chickens

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Goodrich Farms: Decisions

Two random decisions have been made this week.

The first one was me deciding not to baby my chickens so much. They need to learn how to acclimate to the weather (while it is still reasonable and not too hot) and they need to realize that kitties are not their friends. A neighborhood cat got very interested in our babies and the babies were interested back. Until the kitty tried to get his paw through their pen. Thank goodness the pen is strong enough.

I wanted to run outside and scare the cat off, but I had to see how reliable the pen is. Thank goodness it worked.

The other decision I made was to move a group of my plants outside. Some of the leaves on my tomato plants and a cucumber plant were getting white spots on them. Through some internet research, the opinion I have come to is that the plants aren’t getting enough direct sunlight or air.

How a noob sets up her garden. No judging please!

Their first day being outside showed the tomato plants doing well, but the cucumber plants got a little droopy. I’m going to test out different locations with different light and shade to find out which works best. Hooray for learning.

Exciting moment, the jalapeno plants are starting to flower! These are the plants that Nick bought me and they use to be so small!

And the chickens are still enjoying their free range time. Hardcastle hates going back to her hutch. She just wants to stay free all day.



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Goodrich Farms: Chicken Preteens

Those little monsters are growing every day. We’ve moved them outside and they love it.

They get to spend more time in their temporary big pen and more time in their permanent pen that will attach to their hutch. They love their hutch.

Oh hey!


Devouring any and every insect!

When Nick or I open the top to check their food and water, they like to fly up on the lip and walk around. Probably looking for bugs to eat, but I like to think they wanna hang out with Nick and I.

First night outside

Just exploring around

Bring the bugs!

Side note, my kitty apparently loves jalapeno plant leaves. Not good!

Kitty aftermath

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The Goodrich Farm: Simple Beginnings

Before Nick and I were even engaged, we jokingly talked about all the animals we would have one day. A few cats, a couple of dogs, a snake or two. Well, since we survived the tornado, we decided to jump into our own form of parenthood, raising two baby chicks!

Our babies their first day home!

We had been talking and planning for a while about getting chickens.

It is amazing how fast we both fell in love and became addicted to our little monsters. Their personalities were even apparent on the car ride home.

Daddy's girl

Hardcastle is a bit crazy. She is tightly wound and not super trusting. McCormick is lazy, laid back, and loves to roost. They pick on each other as you would expect siblings to, but hate it when they are separated.

We have already upgraded their temporary cardboard box home twice now. They just keep getting bigger. We have the coup supplies ready, just need to start building. They have started getting super scruffy looking as their down feathers are being replaced by the beginnings of big girl feathers.

Needless to say, I am super excited about them and totally addicted. Jaydee, our kitty, is still undecided. He likes to slink up and stare at them, but when a chick is placed near him or gets too close, he cannot be bothered. Just runs away. I think he misses being the only pet, but we still give him all the love, so he will get over it.

What are these?

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