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Color and Music

Nick and I were busy last weekend. We participated in the Color Run in Fort Worth Saturday morning. The weather was perfect, we had a blast, and got super colorful. I think Nick became a target for the color throwers, probably due to his height. This is a must do for the future! It is fun and exciting and it supports a great cause. This race supported the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth.

Our team was The Daleks. Nick was”Exterminick, I was Dalektable, and Claire wad K-Clyne.

That evening, we joined some of our friends in a Block Party type event to turn a strip near their neighborhood into something spectacular. The buildings and whole area had a great feel and I hope something amazing happens there. It has the perfect vibe. There was live music, food, and lots of random fun things.

Since the move, things have been nonstop, which is exciting and tiring. Life isn’t boring in the least bit right now. Feels like things are moving forward in a good direction and I’m ready for it. Just need to find time to work out! Oh man.

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Lindby Flyer

New post on my design website. Check it out here or read below!

Lindby, a DFW based indie/piano rock band, has had a summer mashed full of music, shows, an album release, and practicing. I know, I married a man in the band (meaning I’m pretty much married to the band as well!). Luckily for me, their practices are entertaining to listen to, their album is an intense ear tingling audio experience, and the members are goofballs with talent.

I got the chance in my schedule to create a fun flier for a show they have coming up this September. When I say chance, I really mean that I told them I was going to design it and asked only for the information that would be going onto the flier. I’m glad this group enjoys oddity and silliness as much as I do. Let’s me have a great, stress relieving design experience.

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Designing Update

Just a quick note.

I did a little design for Lindby to advertise that their songs are now on iTunes.

It it nice to check off one more thing on my growing list of “to do’s”

It is even nicer that I really like how this turned out!

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Lindby Album Release

Last weekend, Lindby had their album release party! You can listen to some of the new songs off of their latest album on their SoundCloud.

I happily collaborated with Stuart Hausmann on the album design.

My kitty is now famous!

The album release show was at The Cellar in Fort Worth. The guys packed the place pretty quickly with new fans and old fans and tall fans and short fans. I worked the back table with Kim and helped to sell t-shirts and CDs. We also gave away lots of free stickers.

It was a great show that went late into the night. Looking forward to this weekend when they play two more gigs. Check out their new website to get the latest and greatest in show dates and news.


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Lindby Photoshoot

Today I got to help out (mostly observe) Mel doing a little Lindby photoshoot. Here are some great little moments I captured on my little phone camera. Enjoy!

Just some nice scenery

You’ll never be bored hanging out with this group.

Being thoughtful

Getting a little artsy

Just getting some good shots. That’s all

All in all in was a blast. Woot!

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Musical Meanderings

Music has been a part of my life since I was in first grade. I played piano for six years, trombone for six years, and even thought I could sing at one point. I was wrong on that last one.

I love music so much, I married a man in a band! My husband, Nick, works in a music store, plays a handful of instruments, is in a band, has a recording studio, and mixes CDs for local groups. He is a bit busy, but I love him.

Nick’s band is called Lindby and they have been playing a ton of shows lately in good old Fort Worth. My friend Mel has been photographing their adventures lately. Here are a few photos from her blog.

Ali, just doing her thing
source: http://melissaclaireblog.wordpress.com

That's my Nick. All dramatic in the lighting.
source: http://melissaclaireblog.wordpress.com/

Concentrating on being awesome.
source: http://melissaclaireblog.wordpress.com/

The gang, rocking Fort Worth one night at a time.
source: http://melissaclaireblog.wordpress.com/

They rocked pretty hard last Friday. Did a bunch of covers including some Bob Marley, Creedence Clearwater, and The Kinks. I’m way behind on their next poster (whoops!) and they have a CD coming out soon which I need to get done. Needless to say, I should get my butt in gear on designing this stuff!

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