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Lovely Thoughts

Moving weekend is almost upon us. We are purging old stuff we don’t need, stuff we don’t like, stuff we forgot we had. Purging will continue once all the boxes are moved as we unpack.

I’ve found a ton of stuff on Pinterest that I really want to do once we move. Here is just a handful of ideas.

Fork Hangers (source)

Travel Map (source)

No Fall Towel (source)

Organized Tools (source)

Painted Boards (source)

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Sassy Ladies

Just a little post of the ladies, all grown up.

We have collected a total of 10 eggs since they started laying. I think only McCormick is laying, but Hardcastle has been showing serious interest in the laying box. Maybe they are tricking me and taking turns. Who knows!

This is McCormick’s rock stance. “Come at me bro!”

I only wish I could train them to eat mosquitoes before I get bit. Just follow me around the backyard like little body guards. I can’t wait for fall when I can just let them roam around more and hang out with them. Maybe I’ll train kitty to get the mosquitoes…

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Lindby Flyer

New post on my design website. Check it out here or read below!

Lindby, a DFW based indie/piano rock band, has had a summer mashed full of music, shows, an album release, and practicing. I know, I married a man in the band (meaning I’m pretty much married to the band as well!). Luckily for me, their practices are entertaining to listen to, their album is an intense ear tingling audio experience, and the members are goofballs with talent.

I got the chance in my schedule to create a fun flier for a show they have coming up this September. When I say chance, I really mean that I told them I was going to design it and asked only for the information that would be going onto the flier. I’m glad this group enjoys oddity and silliness as much as I do. Let’s me have a great, stress relieving design experience.

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In the midst of all of our crazy packing and cleaning, we found a surprise this morning.

Look what I did!

McCormick laid her first egg! We weren’t expecting this until October or late September at the earliest! It was a great surprise. She seems very proud.

This is today’s haul. The tomatoes are hanging on for dear life while the jalapenos are pwning.

One of these things is not like the other

Jaydee even seems impressed by his sister’s accomplishment.

What is this madness?

Life is moving super fast and exciting as we gear up to move in two weeks, pack, get some eggs, and gear up for fall and the best time of the year (October – Jan)!!!!

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Moving on

The newest adventure for the Goodrich duo is moving day. We are packing up and moving a little north, closer to my job and avoiding some of the terrible construction and traffic that seems to be spreading like a virus.

We aren’t sure of the exact moving day yet, but it is sometime this month. I’m excited! The new location is really nice. The backyard isn’t nearly as large, but still a good, large size for the chickens. Packing is well underway, and it is intense. Lol.

In other news, our cucumber plants have passed on. The ants, aphids, and heat were the end of them, but we had a great run. Half of the tomato plants are looking like their end is near as well while the other half don’t look bothered at all. The jalapenos are just as hardcore as they have ever been.

Enjoy the week all and get ready for the weekend!

(grow count as of this morning:

24 cucumbers, 37 jalepenos, 14 tomatoes)

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Goodrich Summer Tour

We have been everywhere this summer. Our latest trip was to New Jersey to see my aunt and uncle. We had a great time and they made it a fantastic trip. We ate delicious food, saw some beautiful sights, and enjoyed the Garden State and some respite from the Texas heat.

On our trip, we visited New York for two days as well.

We saw some amazing art at the Museum of Modern Art, enjoyed a long walk through Central Park, and soaked up the architecture and city scape. We walked all over, honestly. My tennis shoes did their duty well, but it was well worth it to see all the random stuff we came across.

We also saw some amazing things in the Museum of Natural History. Nick and I love dinosaurs, and their collection was impressive. Very impressive. I think we walked through it five times. The whole museum was amazing and huge with so much to see.

The last day on our trip, we visited the Martin Guitar factory in Philadelphia and took a tour to see how the guitars are made. These guitars are intense and now I really wish I knew how to play more than just Ode to Joy.

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Designing Update

Just a quick note.

I did a little design for Lindby to advertise that their songs are now on iTunes.

It it nice to check off one more thing on my growing list of “to do’s”

It is even nicer that I really like how this turned out!

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The Good and Positive

A few good things

Motivation and Inspiration

Hand drawn design [Source: Ruell and Ray Denim Identity]

Hand created lettering [Source: Danielle Kroll]

Smart branding [Source:]

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