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Fashion Nistas: 2

Spring is in the air, and hopefully it will stay. Here in Texas, we skipped winter and have landed on gnats, daddy long legs, and mosquito. It will probably turn into summer before you can get your first can of Off.

With that in mind, I’m loving on some fashions and clothes and hoping to bring some love to my own wardrobe. Once again, I depend on Pinterest for all my hopes and dreams!

I love this shirt. I have no idea where to find it, but maybe I can alter something I have to fit this idea. It looks so fancy but casual.

I’ve done my fair share of altering and upcycling on pieces in my closet. When things are too big, make them fit! When a shirt collar drives you insane, turn it into a v-neck! When a friend wants to get rid of an awesome Threadless shirt, take it and make it yours!

I’ve used this technique on two of my button up shirts. Has a fancy pizzaz to it in my opinion. I don’t add the buttons, just do some careful sewing. Sewing buttons is not a skill I have acquired yet. Hopefully I will soon.

I want a spinal column print on the back of one of my nicer shirts. I think it would be so epic. The front of the shirt would be so normal and clean and no one would suspect it being anything other than just a nice shirt, then you turn around and BAM! Instant badass!

I guess this post is more of a button up shirt appreciation post.

Not anymore!

I LOVE shoes that remind me of Keds. Also, I miss my ankle bracelets. This summer might be time to revisit a younger version of myself. Anklets and not caring about being sweaty. It just gets soooo sweaty though. How about some old fashion N64 games? That might be the way to go. Air conditioning, anklets, and N64.

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Fashion nistas

I was wandering through my Pinterest and stumbled upon the clothes and outfits I’ve pinned. So, of course, now I want to go shopping, but here are some of my favorites I’ve seen so far (and now need to aspire to acquire).

source: ohmymod.tumblr.com/post/15600213136/holy-crap-summer-needs-to-come-now-i-need-to


Love this. Might work and be comfortable before summer gets up to the 100s. Anything in the 70s to 80s, yes. The 90s, pushing it. Anything over, and too sweaty. Just be naked with tons of deodorant…gross.

The collar buttoned up all the way though? Might be scary. I do love button up shirts, but my neck has some personal space issues that can’t be messed with. Also, this girl is working a tan. Me, I have the designated pale look.

source: art-dept.com/styling/robyn-glaser-prop-stylist/editorial-ii#/page/35


I love this skirt. It is long and flowy and looks to be cotton (the fabric of our lives). The lady is a little intimidating though. Great bangs, but I feel like she is starring into my soul.

Look away!


Loving these boots. If I had these, I would feel like I could take on anybody!

Exterminate Daleks, take on the Terminator, demolish an ant hill! All in style as well with my rainbow socks I bought one Halloween.

Sadly, the only thing I am proud of rocking today are my Chucks. My feet are stylish, comfortable and happy.

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