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Fruits and Veggies of our Labor

The garden is fighting through the three digit weather we are having. Nick and I have been watering it as often as we can. The newest hurdle we are learning to overcome are ants and aphids. Our plants are getting eaten by hundreds of little devils and I had no idea it was even happening. Nick researched what we can do and we are taking environmentally friendly steps to take back control our garden!

Happily the plants seem as stubborn as we are. They are still providing us with surprisingly tasty food.


I accidentally picked the green one before it could start to blush, but I’m glad I did. It was super juicy and tasty. The two red ones on the right are our first ripe tomatoes and they were amazing. We ate them both last night with just a tiny bit of sea salt on top.

These are our first three jalapenos. The plants are going insane! We have so many more coming in. Also, they smell great and spicy. The taste is amazing, but when the heat kicks in…my eyelids even started sweating.

Nick took a bite out of this one. Then went straight for some milk.

Cooking with them has been great so far. Brings down the heat just enough so you can enjoy the taste.

Our next goal…making our own pickles!

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Teeny Tinies

It has been quite a week. Super busy, lots of updates! To start with, we have a plethora of new produce coming in.

Baby Jalapenos

Baby Cukes!

Getting big

I’m realizing how many mistakes I made with the trellises and tomato cages as the plants outgrow their little environments. I do like how wild the garden looks. Vines everywhere, leaves going wherever they please. Next time I will try to have a little more planning and organization just to help the plants be healthier and happier, but the chaos and freedom will still be happening.

Crazy plants

The plants are taking a beating in this heat. I can’t imagine how things would look if it was as hot as last summer. I’m just excited to get past July and August and closer to fall. Nick has been watering the plants at least twice a day to help them survive.

Feeling the heat

I love all the green in the garden and am so happy our first garden is doing as well as it is. Next year, maybe we can figure out a way to keep the wasps away!

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Gardening Updates

Nick has taken charge with the gardening since I am away more from home (new job!). He is doing an amazing job!

I am just blown away by the beautiful flowers that the fruit and veggies are producing. It is very exciting.

The cucumber plants are getting to be taller than me. They aren’t growing straight up, or they would be way taller, because I didn’t set up great trellises. So, they are growing sideways a bit. Whatever works. You live and learn!

Ignore the pig tails! It is hot outside

Then, there are the tomatoes and jalapenos.

Nick has already promised that he will eat the first jalapeno that we pick whole. I’m looking forward to this moment. Big time.

So, this being my first trip into gardening, I am learning what not to do next time. I planted multiple plants in pots, and am realizing this was a terrible idea. These plants need space, so I’ve done some testing with re-potting and replanting. The soil in our backyard is not great. It is very clay like and has tons of rocks. I planted two tomato plants and a cucumber plant just to see what would happen. Surprisingly….super surprisingly, they are doing amazing.

And our baby chickens are all grown up. They no longer go “peep”, they now make chicken sounds like “bak bak” and “BAK!!!” when Nick chases then for “exercise”. Lol.

They love to eat the vines

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We’ve got cucumbers! Watch out! So exciting.

Hooray! So exciting.

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Goodrich Farms: Flowering

The news is the jalapeno plants are busting out some flowers. Guys, this is huge. I’ve never grown anything in my life. I’ve killed a cactus plant and a bamboo plant. Now, these are the jalapeno plants that Nick bought me, so they didn’t start from seeds, but I see it as a win.

Speaking of winning, the cucumber plants are starting to actually tendril. Low and behold, one of them is flowering as well. I started these in newspaper pots as seedlings and they are still alive. Life achievement points just went up.

And of course the chickens. They are still doing well. Hopefully getting use to the weather as we hit the mid 90s. I have to watch them around my plants, though. Generally they eat the bugs and sparse grass we have on the ground, but McCormick tried eating some leaves off my cucumber plant yesterday. Silly little monsters.

Hey guys

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Goodrich Farms: Decisions

Two random decisions have been made this week.

The first one was me deciding not to baby my chickens so much. They need to learn how to acclimate to the weather (while it is still reasonable and not too hot) and they need to realize that kitties are not their friends. A neighborhood cat got very interested in our babies and the babies were interested back. Until the kitty tried to get his paw through their pen. Thank goodness the pen is strong enough.

I wanted to run outside and scare the cat off, but I had to see how reliable the pen is. Thank goodness it worked.

The other decision I made was to move a group of my plants outside. Some of the leaves on my tomato plants and a cucumber plant were getting white spots on them. Through some internet research, the opinion I have come to is that the plants aren’t getting enough direct sunlight or air.

How a noob sets up her garden. No judging please!

Their first day being outside showed the tomato plants doing well, but the cucumber plants got a little droopy. I’m going to test out different locations with different light and shade to find out which works best. Hooray for learning.

Exciting moment, the jalapeno plants are starting to flower! These are the plants that Nick bought me and they use to be so small!

And the chickens are still enjoying their free range time. Hardcastle hates going back to her hutch. She just wants to stay free all day.



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Green Thumbs Aspirations: Not Dead Yet!

So it seems as though my deadly skills of killing plants is hiding right now. All of my cucumber and tomato seeds have sprouted and are hanging out on the top of the much used Foosball table!

so big!

That is, until today. I have re potted half of my green growers.

ignore the mess.

I want to keep them all inside to avoid annoying bugs that destroy veggies and the ridiculous heat that is just around the corner. Honestly, the real reason is I want to avoid mosquitoes and wasps. I hate mosquitoes and wasps and they are everywhere.

The indoor porch of the house we are renting is basically like a greenhouse…kind of. It gets tons of light and stays pretty nice and warm. I’m hoping it is sunny enough for the plants, but if not, I’ll suck it up and move them outside.

Also, the little monsters are growing. They are bigger everyday.

how are my sisters? are they ok?

just making sure they are ok…not plotting dinner or anything.

Jaydee still isn’t allowed outside without Nick or I watching. I feel that he is probably working to gain our trust now with the babies. Then, when we turn our back…nom noms. Or maybe he will be our chicken nanny cat!

eating food, drinking water, being ridiculous. the usual

I swear every time I come home, they have grown. I’m going to be so sad when they are all big and crazy looking. I want them to stay little and precious forever, but then we won’t have any fresh eggs. Hmm…they can grow up I guess.

All in all, I’m pooped out. Cleaning up the chicken monster box, re potting plants, and doing kenpo; I’m surprised I’m still awake.

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Green Thumb Aspirations: The Beginning

There has been this sad pot in front of our house since we started renting last summer. It was filled with dirt and something dead. I had been using it so far as a home for my pinwheel, but I decided it was finally time to fill it with a beautiful, flowery plant.

sad, dead plant

Nick and I ventured to Home Depot and looked at a ton of very promising plants, and of course we decided to go with three cacti. There is just something about a good cactus plant. And something even bigger about three!

our wonderful cacti family!

The three in the left image are our new additions. The large bottom right one is Donna and the top two smaller ones are the Daleks. So, they are Donna and the Daleks! The two in the right photo in the pot together are Nick’s. They are Pinky and the Brain. The lone little one hanging out with the dinosaur is Arthur Dent. Hopefully she will flower soon!

I also am pushing my luck with my lack of a green thumb. I planted tomato seeds and cucumber seeds and have been watering them everyday. Today, I was surprised to see one cucumber seed had sprouted! This is the most successful I’ve ever been with anything green.

Baby cucumber in a home made newspaper pot!

So, if things keep working out, and I don’t end up killing the baby, I’m going to have to learn how to take care of plants and make trellises….or buy some.

It’s just super exciting!

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