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Enchiladas nom

This weekend was one filled with tummies of chicken.

Found a recipe on none other than Pinterest for skinnier enchiladas. How could I resist? I didn’t.

Low carb tortillas, chicken, Greek yogurt to take the place of sour cream, cheese, and salsa. So simple and quick.

Recipe is here:

I love replacing sour cream with Greek yogurt. So surprisingly tasty and so few calories. That and yogurt is just plain good for you. Been watching some “Burn Notice” on and off while working on stuff around the house and those spies LOVE their yogurt. Started getting ingrained in my mind.

Oh, and Jaydee was super jealous of all the chicken he wasn’t getting to eat. He might have gotten a tiny bite…

creepy cat

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Pumpkin Seeds

The weekend weather was amazing, but confusing for January. The husband tried to teach me how to throw a Frisbee. I can now aim, most of the time. We had to work up our appetite for food, which for the night was sushi, but it was disappointing, so no more talk on it.

Nick and I, like many others, got a pumpkin before Halloween. We never carved it, ran out of time, so it has been sitting nicely on our front porch. It never got icky or mushy, so over the weekend, we opened it up and cooked the seeds.

As in our fashion, we devoured them, they didn’t last the night.

The toasted seeds did help me get over my depression at having finished season 2 of Sherlock. It was amazing and now to wait until season 3. Sigh.

Did do a fun drawing just for kicks.

It is zombie Sherlock experimenting with eating Watson’s brains.

Cause … I think it is funny.They are bff’s, so it’s all cool.

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Dumpling Soup

Hungry and sleepy, so I made soup for lunch.

Cooked a little bit of chicken in a skillet. In another skillet I simmered Fit & Active cream of chicken soup, a bit of chicken stock and rinsed black eyed peas. Once the simmer started, I topped the soup with rolled up pieces of biscuits. Then, as the simmering soup simmered, the biscuits cooked and got all fluffy. When the chicken was done, that was added to the soup as well.

Used some fixins and topped with a bit of cheese.

Nom nom.

The husband and I devoured it. His favorite food is black eyed peas. And I love food. So you know, it just works.

When we were done being super full, we went for a run. I found out I had tons of energy. So, you know, that was awesome.

Also, made more apple chips. They just don’t seems to last more than 10 minutes.

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apple chips

Probably my favorite thing right now.

Besides British television.

I used my Mandolin Slicer and made apple chips! Sorry I don’t have a picture for when they came out of the oven, but they didn’t really last long enough to take a picture. My husband and I and our friends devoured them. I really shouldn’t cook them on nights he has band practice if I want them to last more than a few minutes.

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this adventure will be of food, drawing, and … whatever else i get up to. probably lots of thought trains.

i’ve had huge changes in my life recently and fell off with somethings i use to love to do like drawing. now, as things are slowly falling into place, i am jumping back into being productive with things i enjoy.

the past 2 years have included a wedding, graduating college, and starting a full time job. i dropped 15 pounds from when my boyfriend became my fiance to when we became hubby and wife. getting married is a huge motivator to lose weight.

the transformation of turning my normal food intake to that of a lazy twenty something american to a healthy, helpful intake was difficult at first with much complaining on my part. now it is normal and tasty!

never been a cook, now i love it. so does the husband. i love that he does dishes. can’t stand doing dishes.

i think i realized i had reached that transformation friday at work when a coworker mentioned i eat healthier than she ever would. i’ve never been that “healthy food conscience” person. that person was always someone i wanted to be. they seem happier, have less health issues, and i wanna be healthy and awesome when i am 50 years old! now that i feel i have arrived, i love it.

off to pinetrest to find what i will be making for lunch …

(as i listen to “you never can tell” by chuck berry)