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Lindby Flyer

New post on my design website. Check it out here or read below!

Lindby, a DFW based indie/piano rock band, has had a summer mashed full of music, shows, an album release, and practicing. I know, I married a man in the band (meaning I’m pretty much married to the band as well!). Luckily for me, their practices are entertaining to listen to, their album is an intense ear tingling audio experience, and the members are goofballs with talent.

I got the chance in my schedule to create a fun flier for a show they have coming up this September. When I say chance, I really mean that I told them I was going to design it and asked only for the information that would be going onto the flier. I’m glad this group enjoys oddity and silliness as much as I do. Let’s me have a great, stress relieving design experience.

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Designing Update

Just a quick note.

I did a little design for Lindby to advertise that their songs are now on iTunes.

It it nice to check off one more thing on my growing list of “to do’s”

It is even nicer that I really like how this turned out!

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The Good and Positive

A few good things

Motivation and Inspiration

Hand drawn design [Source: Ruell and Ray Denim Identity]

Hand created lettering [Source: Danielle Kroll]

Smart branding [Source: www.behance.net/gallery/RIFFLE-NW/4340033]

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