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Smash Book Complete!

I’ve never been good at scrap booking. I rush through it, excited to finish the project. Then, I’m upset that I didn’t spend more time to make the project more personal and detailed. Not this time. I did my own DIY version of a Smash Book (a type of non-scrapbook).

before the madness

before the madness

I’ve kept mementos from our trips over the last year and finally got to put them all together with pictures I took during the trips. This Smash Book covers our Ohio, New Jersey, and Chicago trips. I’m super excited about how it turned out.

Chicago BeanDon't BlinkDinosaur

As I worked on this book over the past weeks, it became an opportunity to not become a photo album of memories, but also a journal of the trip, a place for all the keepsakes I kept, and an opportunity to play with hand drawn type.

Willis TowerNew York


Excited for the next trip and more memory book opportunities.

All done!

All done!

smash book

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Designing Update

Just a quick note.

I did a little design for Lindby to advertise that their songs are now on iTunes.

It it nice to check off one more thing on my growing list of “to do’s”

It is even nicer that I really like how this turned out!

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The Good and Positive

A few good things

Motivation and Inspiration

Hand drawn design [Source: Ruell and Ray Denim Identity]

Hand created lettering [Source: Danielle Kroll]

Smart branding [Source: www.behance.net/gallery/RIFFLE-NW/4340033]

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Magical Moments

Hey all!

I’ve been doing that thing I’ve been talking about…illustrating!!! Finally. What took me so long?

Working it in those sun glass spectacles

Anyways, you should check it out and let me know what you think. Also, visit my professional website to see some more work I’ve been working on. Watch out for upcoming updates! They might be funky fresh.

Professional, or as close as it gets: katiegoodrich.com

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Inspirational Awakenings: Line Work

The Devil is in the Details.

WRONG! Only awesome things are in the details. Probably stuff like frozen yogurt, string cheese, kittens, and sunflowers. I love work that has a ton of detail; line work, textures, illustrations. It adds so much depth and personality to a piece. Want to turn a doodle into a character design? Line work. Need that water painting to pop off the page? Hit it up with some Indian Ink. Here is a collection of Internet findings that have grabbed my attention and stolen my eyes lately.

Hopefully soon, all this inspiring work from other artists will switch my art gear from meh to YEA!

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Big Reveal!

Remember when I showed you guys a sneak peak of something to come?

Well, it’s here!

My husband is in this band called Lindby, and this is the poster I have designed for their upcoming show in April!

I’m super happy with how it’s turned out!

And now I’m working on an album cover and another set of posters. So busy!

Also, you guys should check out my personal website: katiegoodrich.com

I’m brainstorming my next blog post for my website, so we’ll see what I come up with, and hopefully soon.

Also, soon, if my green thumb actually works, I’ll be posting some info about my epic-ly productive weekend, so stay in touch.

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Sneak Peak

I have been working on a poster for my husband’s band Lindby. Here are a few sneak peak images before the final is ready for it’s debut!

Enjoying the free line working.

Oh, hello…

And you can’t leave out a fine, fancy texture.

I hope you are looking forward to a reveal super soon! Woot!

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