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Movie Learning

Things I Learn From Movies!

Shaun of the Dead

1. Pubs are NOT the safest place to go to in a Zombie Apocolypse.

I read most of “Zombie Survival Guide” and I’m thinking some very sturdy building, on the third floor is the safest place. Just knock down any and all staircases to the third floor and have some kind of removable ladder or rope to get up and down when you need to make runs for supplies. Pubs…don’t seem to work out too well. Even if it is the Winchester.

2. Bill Nhye, not the science guy, is an amazing actor.

Well he is. Just look at “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”…with Martin Freeman and Zooey Deschanal. It is one of my favorite movies of all time and he is in it. Therefore, he is amazing.

3. Acting like a zombie will make zombies think you are a zombie.

If you find yourself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and don’t want to be eaten, just act like a zombie. “Zombies don’t mess with other zombies” -Bill Murray, Zombieland. ¬†Makes sense though, right?

4. Exacerbate means to make things worse.

Don’t make things worse.

5. I love Queen.

In the Winchester Pub scene where the juke box is playing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, well, it is amazing. That song was added to my “must play for life” list.

Daisy and Tyres from “Spaced” are in “Shaun of the Dead” and so is Martin Freeman and Harriet Jones (Prime Minister). Therefore, it is an amazing movie.

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So this might be a slightly sappy post, so get over it.

Last night, Nick and I ran. That is saying something because we usually slack off from Friday to Sunday and pig out on the weekends. I didn’t run my best, but we did run. Thursday I even did some sprints after a 2.5 mile run (with only a few breaks). We didn’t even pig out Friday night. No pizza. No queso. Nope.

We had crab meat mixed with a tiny bit of low fat mayo on top of cucumber slices.

And mini crescent rolls filled with spinach mixed with a tiny bit of weight watchers cream cheese.

I’ve realized recently that my life has had a huge shift. Besides the whole getting married and being out on my own in life, my health habits have taken a huge shift. I use to eat fast food half of the time and my veggie intake and fruit eating was…meh. I was never one to be seen as a health nut, or a healthy eater. I wanted to be that kind of person, but didn’t have the drive.

My 3rd year in college I moved into an apartment with my friend Whitney and realized what a healthy person eats. She really inspired me to choose better foods, but not while I was living with her. It took a while to sink in. She also has super amazing ideas with crafts and design. I admit, she had a huge impact on my graphic design career and eating habits. (I never told her this, but now she knows!).

Since Nick proposed in Sept 2010, I’ve done a 180 with my food intake and exercise. It is now a huge aspect of my life. My perspective on both is so different from what it use to be.

My huge realization happened at work a few weeks ago. A coworker showed me a recipe for a delicious sounding soup and said “this sounds too healthy for me, but seems like something you would love.” I then realized that I have become a healthy person. I love it, but it is a battle everyday.

Kitty is, as always, impressed with my decisions.

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Sneak Peak

I have been working on a poster for my husband’s band Lindby. Here are a few sneak peak images before the final is ready for it’s debut!

Enjoying the free line working.

Oh, hello…

And you can’t leave out a fine, fancy texture.

I hope you are looking forward to a reveal super soon! Woot!

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Austin Full

This last weekend, Nick and I made a trek to see friends and fill our bellies.

Friday after work, we started our drive to Austin through pouring rain, but the Kia survived. We listened to the audio of Brad Neely’s Wizard People, Dear Readers the ride down and it lasted us the whole way…almost.

The moment after we checked into our hotel, we grabbed sandwiches and the famous Kerby Queso from Kerby Lane. All I can say is om nom nom.

After our food coma, which lasted until Saturday morning, we ventured out to Zilker Park. It was a little rainy so not too many people were out. We visited the little bench Nick proposed at and then climbed the hill and practiced some Frisbee throwing. I’m getting better at throwing it in Nick’s general direction, so I’ll take that as a win.

Lunchtime found us and some friends at P Terry’s. I devoured my veggie burger and honestly want to cry because I know I will never find another burger so delicious anywhere else.


It is like an addiction so amazingly severe that I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. How can veggies taste so great together? Ahhhh…

Anyways, since the rain decided to stay, we met up with a ton of awesome people and hung out in a blanket fort. It was epic. I will be honest, I did a terrible job of taking pictures this weekend. In fact, I just didn’t take pictures. But Saturday did include some visiting animals and creatures in a Petsmart, lots of snacking, tons of N64 gaming, pizza, and awesome people. Just use your imagination for the pictures I guess.

Sunday we found a great place and devoured breakfast tacos but I have no idea what it was called. We also visited a few shops. I’m doing so well with specifics.

All in all it was a great weekend. I am ashamed that I didn’t stick to eating healthy the whole time, but I didn’t fall too far off the wagon. We even ran when we got in last night and didn’t do too badly. I did a ton of thinking about what I want to do with my life. The shortest summary is I want to be more productive. This, on top of eating healthy again and running regularly makes me super happy and ready for the week.

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Fashion nistas

I was wandering through my Pinterest and stumbled upon the clothes and outfits I’ve pinned. So, of course, now I want to go shopping, but here are some of my favorites I’ve seen so far (and now need to aspire to acquire).



Love this. Might work and be comfortable before summer gets up to the 100s. Anything in the 70s to 80s, yes. The 90s, pushing it. Anything over, and too sweaty. Just be naked with tons of deodorant…gross.

The collar buttoned up all the way though? Might be scary. I do love button up shirts, but my neck has some personal space issues that can’t be messed with. Also, this girl is working a tan. Me, I have the designated pale look.



I love this skirt. It is long and flowy and looks to be cotton (the fabric of our lives). The lady is a little intimidating though. Great bangs, but I feel like she is starring into my soul.

Look away!


Loving these boots. If I had these, I would feel like I could take on anybody!

Exterminate Daleks, take on the Terminator, demolish an ant hill! All in style as well with my rainbow socks I bought one Halloween.

Sadly, the only thing I am proud of rocking today are my Chucks. My feet are stylish, comfortable and happy.

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And hello!

Made breakfast cookies the other night.

Just a combo of 1.5 cups of oats, a cup of applesauce, bananas, craisins, butterscotch chips and cinnamon. Baked to auromatic yummies and done!

Nick and I have been running regularly now. Some nights we even double our distance, and our pace is getting faster as well. I’m finally getting into better shape so I don’t have to take as many breaks. Which is nice. I like to think if the zombie apocalypse happened, I’d have a better chance of running to safety now.

Also, I love this door.

Always makes me think of hobbit doors in Bag End.

Random, but whatever.

Also, short and sweet!

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Food, Kitty, and Poems

So the food highlight of the week was salmon!!!

So ya, potato rolls, baked tomato slices with parmessan on top, brown rice with soy sauce, and salmon baked with freshly squeazed lemon juice on top. I felt very accomplished that none of it burned or was undercooked.

Non edible news, kitty has been creeping and loving. He curled up and had some male bonding time with Nick before the super bowl.

Then, he somehow got on top of the medicine cabinet to be creepy and unsettling in general to who ever wandered into the bathroom.

So that was fun.

On a side note, I really love creative people who love the same shows I do. I have been collecting fan art and the like that are for valentine’s day. I have valentine designs saved about Lord of the Rings, DC Superheroes, and Sherlock. Here are some poems for your entertainment about … Sherlock (that I found online on Tumblr and did not write at all! Let me know if you know who wrote these).

“Deduction is great, it requires precision. Forget John and Sherlock, you’re my division.”

“Roses are red. Performance is art. Please love me back, or I’ll burn out your heart.”

“Roses are red, my scarf is so blue, I don’t have friends, I only have you.”

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So once again, used that Mandolin slicer, set to wavy this time, and attacked some food with it. Nick and I sliced up some potatoes and baked our own potato chips. They were warm and delicious.

It was quite entertaining, except for the part where I coated them with vegetable oil. That was gross, but tasty.

Not much else to discuss. Been busy working on cleaning, finally buying a vacuum that will hopefully suck better than the old one, drawing, and working on my new website.

I need to get started on a poster project for a band, so that will start tonight, along with running, and maybe some more cleaning. Hopefully some more cleaning. My cat won’t stop shedding.

Until I have more interesting things to post, or aren’t as sleepy, adios.

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