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Adventures in Cooking … With Color!

This last weekend we celebrated Nick’s birthday! Last year, on his birthday, I baked him jalapeno cheese grits. This year I continued that little tradition and added another detail. A Dalek cake!

dalek cake

The best part of this cake? The chocolate icing? The fact that I didn’t destroy it while baking?

Or the colorful inside?

I wanted Nick to be surprised when he cut his piece. The cake wasn’t just tasty, it was fancy!

First of all, I started with our own fresh eggs from the lovely ladies in the backyard. I also bought cake mix, the icing, and food coloring. Since it is super close to Easter, the choices for food coloring were all Easter themed. Luckily, Nick just loves anything colorful.

chicken eggs

I prepared the batter as described on the box, then I separated it and used food coloring to get four brightly colored sections. Next, I just poured a little bit at a time, allowing the batter to spread each colorful section beneath it. Great news here, you can be as messy as you want, or are naturally. The messier your pour, the more wacky the cake will be. Just don’t stir it all together. It would lose the different colors.

colorful cake

I went with a French Vanilla flavor because the cake without altering would be white, so the color added would pop easily. I love how it turned out once it was all finished. I’m craving it just typing this up and looking at the pictures again. Yikes!

colorful cake

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And hello!

Made breakfast cookies the other night.

Just a combo of 1.5 cups of oats, a cup of applesauce, bananas, craisins, butterscotch chips and cinnamon. Baked to auromatic yummies and done!

Nick and I have been running regularly now. Some nights we even double our distance, and our pace is getting faster as well. I’m finally getting into better shape so I don’t have to take as many breaks. Which is nice. I like to think if the zombie apocalypse happened, I’d have a better chance of running to safety now.

Also, I love this door.

Always makes me think of hobbit doors in Bag End.

Random, but whatever.

Also, short and sweet!

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So once again, used that Mandolin slicer, set to wavy this time, and attacked some food with it. Nick and I sliced up some potatoes and baked our own potato chips. They were warm and delicious.

It was quite entertaining, except for the part where I coated them with vegetable oil. That was gross, but tasty.

Not much else to discuss. Been busy working on cleaning, finally buying a vacuum that will hopefully suck better than the old one, drawing, and working on my new website.

I need to get started on a poster project for a band, so that will start tonight, along with running, and maybe some more cleaning. Hopefully some more cleaning. My cat won’t stop shedding.

Until I have more interesting things to post, or aren’t as sleepy, adios.

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