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Lindby Album Release

Last weekend, Lindby had their album release party! You can listen to some of the new songs off of their latest album on their SoundCloud.

I happily collaborated with Stuart Hausmann on the album design.

My kitty is now famous!

The album release show was at The Cellar in Fort Worth. The guys packed the place pretty quickly with new fans and old fans and tall fans and short fans. I worked the back table with Kim and helped to sell t-shirts and CDs. We also gave away lots of free stickers.

It was a great show that went late into the night. Looking forward to this weekend when they play two more gigs. Check out their new website to get the latest and greatest in show dates and news.

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We’ve got cucumbers! Watch out! So exciting.

Hooray! So exciting.

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Lindby Photoshoot

Today I got to help out (mostly observe) Mel doing a little Lindby photoshoot. Here are some great little moments I captured on my little phone camera. Enjoy!

Just some nice scenery

You’ll never be bored hanging out with this group.

Being thoughtful

Getting a little artsy

Just getting some good shots. That’s all

All in all in was a blast. Woot!

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Ode to Tony

Here are two wonderful moments of P90X and Tony in all his glory. Any time I pause my workout to get some water, his expressions are priceless.

Oh, Tony

Do your best and forget the rest! Time for yoga.



Well, my life has had a huge change recently. There has been some relief, anxiety, stress, but mostly hope. I have been working on my own work, portfolio, and branding non stop since last Wednesday. As stuff comes together more, I will post more about it, but I really want to just keep working on it for now.

Besides that, here are some updates from the past few days when I take a break from my compy and sketching.

Some tomato plants are flowering.

Lots of rain

Some peppers are coming in.

Of course, the ladies.

So, as I complete and work on more things I promise to update, but for now I will return to working next to an open window with kitty. Thanks to everyone for all the support and love as I move onto the next steps in life.

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Bookstore Wanderings

Nick and I went to Life Changing Faith this morning for church. It is my favorite church I have ever been to, but it takes us about an hour to get there. So we wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Yikes. Nick worked the sound for two services this morning.

For second service, I wandered around Frisco for air conditioning and something to do. I ended up at a Barnes and Noble and found some very entertaining book cover designs. I count it as a success. Also, all this entertainment (and air conditioning…it got up to 97 degrees today) cost me nothing! Frugal Katie is a happy Katie.

Top Row, Left to Right:

Knits for Nerds. This was awesome. They had a page on how to make hobbit feet slippers. Wow.

Terry Pratchett Collection. He is my favorite author. Hands down. Everyday. Mort and Soul Music are fantastic…and sit right next to each other on this shelf. Perfect

This person looks like Nicholas Cage to me. Just a tiny bit. It’s the eyes.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

H. G. Wells. I love this cover. So much

Truck Food. Almost got a tummy ache just thinking of everything I could eat from this. But no thanks!

Warriors: CATS!!!!! They rule

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Magical Moments

Hey all!

I’ve been doing that thing I’ve been talking about…illustrating!!! Finally. What took me so long?

Working it in those sun glass spectacles

Anyways, you should check it out and let me know what you think. Also, visit my professional website to see some more work I’ve been working on. Watch out for upcoming updates! They might be funky fresh.

Professional, or as close as it gets:

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