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So this might be a slightly sappy post, so get over it.

Last night, Nick and I ran. That is saying something because we usually slack off from Friday to Sunday and pig out on the weekends. I didn’t run my best, but we did run. Thursday I even did some sprints after a 2.5 mile run (with only a few breaks). We didn’t even pig out Friday night. No pizza. No queso. Nope.

We had crab meat mixed with a tiny bit of low fat mayo on top of cucumber slices.

And mini crescent rolls filled with spinach mixed with a tiny bit of weight watchers cream cheese.

I’ve realized recently that my life has had a huge shift. Besides the whole getting married and being out on my own in life, my health habits have taken a huge shift. I use to eat fast food half of the time and my veggie intake and fruit eating was…meh. I was never one to be seen as a health nut, or a healthy eater. I wanted to be that kind of person, but didn’t have the drive.

My 3rd year in college I moved into an apartment with my friend Whitney and realized what a healthy person eats. She really inspired me to choose better foods, but not while I was living with her. It took a while to sink in. She also has super amazing ideas with crafts and design. I admit, she had a huge impact on my graphic design career and eating habits. (I never told her this, but now she knows!).

Since Nick proposed in Sept 2010, I’ve done a 180 with my food intake and exercise. It is now a huge aspect of my life. My perspective on both is so different from what it use to be.

My huge realization happened at work a few weeks ago. A coworker showed me a recipe for a delicious sounding soup and said “this sounds too healthy for me, but seems like something you would love.” I then realized that I have become a healthy person. I love it, but it is a battle everyday.

Kitty is, as always, impressed with my decisions.

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So once again, used that Mandolin slicer, set to wavy this time, and attacked some food with it. Nick and I sliced up some potatoes and baked our own potato chips. They were warm and delicious.

It was quite entertaining, except for the part where I coated them with vegetable oil. That was gross, but tasty.

Not much else to discuss. Been busy working on cleaning, finally buying a vacuum that will hopefully suck better than the old one, drawing, and working on my new website.

I need to get started on a poster project for a band, so that will start tonight, along with running, and maybe some more cleaning. Hopefully some more cleaning. My cat won’t stop shedding.

Until I have more interesting things to post, or aren’t as sleepy, adios.

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Pumpkin Seeds

The weekend weather was amazing, but confusing for January. The husband tried to teach me how to throw a Frisbee. I can now aim, most of the time. We had to work up our appetite for food, which for the night was sushi, but it was disappointing, so no more talk on it.

Nick and I, like many others, got a pumpkin before Halloween. We never carved it, ran out of time, so it has been sitting nicely on our front porch. It never got icky or mushy, so over the weekend, we opened it up and cooked the seeds.

As in our fashion, we devoured them, they didn’t last the night.

The toasted seeds did help me get over my depression at having finished season 2 of Sherlock. It was amazing and now to wait until season 3. Sigh.

Did do a fun drawing just for kicks.

It is zombie Sherlock experimenting with eating Watson’s brains.

Cause … I think it is funny.They are bff’s, so it’s all cool.

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apple chips

Probably my favorite thing right now.

Besides British television.

I used my Mandolin Slicer and made apple chips! Sorry I don’t have a picture for when they came out of the oven, but they didn’t really last long enough to take a picture. My husband and I and our friends devoured them. I really shouldn’t cook them on nights he has band practice if I want them to last more than a few minutes.

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