The Goodrich Farm: Simple Beginnings

Before Nick and I were even engaged, we jokingly talked about all the animals we would have one day. A few cats, a couple of dogs, a snake or two. Well, since we survived the tornado, we decided to jump into our own form of parenthood, raising two baby chicks!

Our babies their first day home!

We had been talking and planning for a while about getting chickens.

It is amazing how fast we both fell in love and became addicted to our little monsters. Their personalities were even apparent on the car ride home.

Daddy's girl

Hardcastle is a bit crazy. She is tightly wound and not super trusting. McCormick is lazy, laid back, and loves to roost. They pick on each other as you would expect siblings to, but hate it when they are separated.

We have already upgraded their temporary cardboard box home twice now. They just keep getting bigger. We have the coup supplies ready, just need to start building. They have started getting super scruffy looking as their down feathers are being replaced by the beginnings of big girl feathers.

Needless to say, I am super excited about them and totally addicted. Jaydee, our kitty, is still undecided. He likes to slink up and stare at them, but when a chick is placed near him or gets too close, he cannot be bothered. Just runs away. I think he misses being the only pet, but we still give him all the love, so he will get over it.

What are these?

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One thought on “The Goodrich Farm: Simple Beginnings

  1. Rita Hagarman says:

    Old Mac Goodrich had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. And on this farm they had some chicks, e-i-e-i-o. With a chick chick here and a chick chick there…here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick….. 🙂

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