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Fav Things: Cinco de Mayo Style

We have had the best spring weather here in the unpredictable DFW so far. I guess you could say we have actually had a spring, which is nearly unheard of.

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner and my Pinterest feed is already featuring ideas and recipes for a get together or party. I will be working on that day (and have way too much on my to do list to add anything else)! However, my husband and I will be making homemade tacos tomorrow. We didn’t really plan it for any special occasion. It was really because avocados and tomatoes were on sale when I went grocery shopping (and I can’t get enough of homemade tortillas. That’s the honest truth).

However, if I were to plan a Cinco de Mayo celebration, here are some ideas I would love to try:

Creamy and Refreshing Horchata

I’ve made Horchata once, but it wasn’t super authentic. These appear more so. They were also super sweet, but tasty. I used the Martha Stewart recipe. The sweetness did add a wonderful touch when we splashed a little rum in for a treat after a hard day’s work.

Tacos and Homemade Tortillas

These are actually what we will be eating tomorrow. I made my own taco seasoning (using this recipe) recently, and you can tell a huge difference between it and the store bought. It’s surprising (also super cheap, easy, and way less salty).  This will also be my third time making my own tortillas! I found the recipe I love, and will be continuing to use, last time and I’m super excited to devour them once they are done.


Of course there would have to be some serious guacamole and salsa. I have been wanting to make my own salsa for a while now. It seems very straight forward. I’ve just been busy, lazy, distracted, sleeping, doing laundry (choose one?).


Decorations!? I guess that means I’d have to take down my few Easter pieces. Well not yet! But if I were to decorate, it would have to be these Cactus Pinatas from ohhappyday.com


image from ohhappyday.com

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Important Aspects of Autumn

Thanksgiving is creeping up, the weather is finally cooler, and I’m craving every food imaginable.

Now, beggars can’t be choosers, but I wish it was colder. I want frost every morning, possibility of snow during the holidays, and I want to be wearing scarves and boots everywhere! When I’m home, I want to turn the fireplace on, wear slippers, and bundle up in every blanket I own. Also, fireplace s’mores and hot chocolate – they are a must. One year, maybe Texas will have another epic winter like we did a few years ago. Until then, I will just sound super greedy with my wishes for Texas weather.

The house has a nice almost constant smell of pumpkin and cider. We found two candle scents that have been perfect and lasted longer than expected for how often we use them. Also, our Scentsy has been working overtime with the amazing mocha style scent we own.

Nick and I have started collecting some nice decorations since our first Thanksgiving as a married couple last year. This turkey being one of them. Excuse the slightly blurry photo!

The things I am most excited for right now? All the food that I will try to make and eat this season. We will be having a few Thanksgiving get togethers with friends and family. Both sides of the family have a dinner planned, and I’m excited to see everybody. Also, the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m a sucker for it.

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