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Hot Chickens

Just a quick recap of Sunday.

They love playing in the dirt

The chickens still love running around, even in the heat. They even go to the gate in their pen when you go outside, waiting to be let out.

Ready to pick

Sunday’s Pickings

We had a good haul. The tomatoes never last long in the house. The moment they are fully ripe, we slice them up and eat them as is. Also, we have no idea how the red jalapeno happened. Neither of us noticed it until it got this bright! They smell amazing though. Very peppery.

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Fruits and Veggies of our Labor

The garden is fighting through the three digit weather we are having. Nick and I have been watering it as often as we can. The newest hurdle we are learning to overcome are ants and aphids. Our plants are getting eaten by hundreds of little devils and I had no idea it was even happening. Nick researched what we can do and we are taking environmentally friendly steps to take back control our garden!

Happily the plants seem as stubborn as we are. They are still providing us with surprisingly tasty food.


I accidentally picked the green one before it could start to blush, but I’m glad I did. It was super juicy and tasty. The two red ones on the right are our first ripe tomatoes and they were amazing. We ate them both last night with just a tiny bit of sea salt on top.

These are our first three jalapenos. The plants are going insane! We have so many more coming in. Also, they smell great and spicy. The taste is amazing, but when the heat kicks in…my eyelids even started sweating.

Nick took a bite out of this one. Then went straight for some milk.

Cooking with them has been great so far. Brings down the heat just enough so you can enjoy the taste.

Our next goal…making our own pickles!

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Ohio Thrifting

Our last day in Ohio, we found some great thrift stores. If I could have, I think I would have bought a few suitcases full of things.

Some items on the top of my list were these vintage dresses. I love them all!

Love these!

The great thing about these beauties is all the ruffles and colors. I don’t think I’ve ever worn ruffles, or at least I haven’t in two decades, but there is just something about these dresses that I think I could get into.

This one might be my favorite out of the bunch.

There was also great furniture and random trinkets. When Nick and I own our own house, I’m pretty sure we will decorate with a vintage theme inspired by gems like these!

One store in particular had an adorable cat that followed us around asking for attention. His name was Slim and he loves bubbles.

Last but not least, what store is complete without a huge ice cream cone!? Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

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Gallivanting Goodriches: Ohio

Nick and I got to visit most of my Ohio family recently along with my brother and parents. The slightly cooler weather was a wonderful break from the Texas heat. I wish we could have stayed longer and spent more time with everyone, but at least we did get to visit.

While in Ohio, we also ate a TON of food. If there is one thing we Hagarmans (plus two Goodrich’s) know how to do, it is find and devour tasty food. The Texas branch of the family found a Mellow Mushroom and it became our favorite spot to eat.

Dad and Nick waiting on some PIZZA

Another food place of note put my belt to the test. It was in an art district that reminded me of the Austin scene. The food was great, the people were nice, the places were visually pleasing, and there was art everywhere.


Just some great random art

These chips nearly undid me. They were kettle chips with blue cheese melted on top along with tomatoes and other delicious things. They went quickly!

Trying to walk off our meal, we stumbled upon an ivy covered building. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy some nice sites with nice weather and bonding time.

I even overlooked my fear of heights on the plane right back to enjoy some epic clouds and a rosy sunset.

It was a much needed trip, even though it was super short.

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Legos and Flowers

The way to this woman’s heart? Legos and flowers from my husband!

I’m still getting use to having a real commute to work versus driving five minutes down the road. How does Nick help me unwind? He buys me two sets of Legos and gorgeous flowers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I just don’t like being stuck in the car for big chunks of time. But Nick knows exactly how to cheer me up.


We loved building this T-Rex with moving arms and legs and a big ol’ chomping mouth. It was fantastic.

The next adventure was putting together Shelob, Samwise, Frodo, and Gollum! So amazing.

Here is Shelob next to Aragog (from a Lego set Nick got us a few years ago for a Harry Potter set).

Those Lego fellers know how to make an amazing toy. Enjoy!

Fishing pool is nice and cool

Save the day, Sam!

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Teeny Tinies

It has been quite a week. Super busy, lots of updates! To start with, we have a plethora of new produce coming in.

Baby Jalapenos

Baby Cukes!

Getting big

I’m realizing how many mistakes I made with the trellises and tomato cages as the plants outgrow their little environments. I do like how wild the garden looks. Vines everywhere, leaves going wherever they please. Next time I will try to have a little more planning and organization just to help the plants be healthier and happier, but the chaos and freedom will still be happening.

Crazy plants

The plants are taking a beating in this heat. I can’t imagine how things would look if it was as hot as last summer. I’m just excited to get past July and August and closer to fall. Nick has been watering the plants at least twice a day to help them survive.

Feeling the heat

I love all the green in the garden and am so happy our first garden is doing as well as it is. Next year, maybe we can figure out a way to keep the wasps away!

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Gardening Updates

Nick has taken charge with the gardening since I am away more from home (new job!). He is doing an amazing job!

I am just blown away by the beautiful flowers that the fruit and veggies are producing. It is very exciting.

The cucumber plants are getting to be taller than me. They aren’t growing straight up, or they would be way taller, because I didn’t set up great trellises. So, they are growing sideways a bit. Whatever works. You live and learn!

Ignore the pig tails! It is hot outside

Then, there are the tomatoes and jalapenos.

Nick has already promised that he will eat the first jalapeno that we pick whole. I’m looking forward to this moment. Big time.

So, this being my first trip into gardening, I am learning what not to do next time. I planted multiple plants in pots, and am realizing this was a terrible idea. These plants need space, so I’ve done some testing with re-potting and replanting. The soil in our backyard is not great. It is very clay like and has tons of rocks. I planted two tomato plants and a cucumber plant just to see what would happen. Surprisingly….super surprisingly, they are doing amazing.

And our baby chickens are all grown up. They no longer go “peep”, they now make chicken sounds like “bak bak” and “BAK!!!” when Nick chases then for “exercise”. Lol.

They love to eat the vines

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