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Delicious Thrifting

This past weekend I ventured out with two lovely ladies on a most successful brunch and shopping date.

We started out the day at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum. The area has such colorful and vibrant buildings, art, and potential. I know the city has taken great steps to making it a more friendly and interesting place, and it is paying off. I hope more businesses and people come so it can become a mini Austin for us DFW residents to enjoy. Especially local food restaurants.

I’m still day dreaming about my delicious veggie breakfast tacos and sweet potato fries.

That tasty treasure fueled me throughout our entire day of browsing, window shopping, and purchasing. I am almost always overwhelmed at stores and malls, and leave the place exhausted with some crankiness. Not Saturday. I think it was due to the food and company.

We traveled down the street to Lulu B’s store. I had been once before, but saw all new things this time around. If I wasn’t trying to save money for some serious Christmas shopping and trying to de-clutter my junk, I would have left with tons of great finds. Instead, I took some pictures.

Can you tell how much I love mugs? My husband and I have a somewhat goofy and nice collection.

After Lulu B’s, we drove out to the Galleria in Dallas. No photos were taken. Just lots and lots of walking, avoiding the tons of shoppers, and enjoying all the stores that a humongous mall houses.

Delicious day of food, thrifting, and shopping = success

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Ohio Thrifting

Our last day in Ohio, we found some great thrift stores. If I could have, I think I would have bought a few suitcases full of things.

Some items on the top of my list were these vintage dresses. I love them all!

Love these!

The great thing about these beauties is all the ruffles and colors. I don’t think I’ve ever worn ruffles, or at least I haven’t in two decades, but there is just something about these dresses that I think I could get into.

This one might be my favorite out of the bunch.

There was also great furniture and random trinkets. When Nick and I own our own house, I’m pretty sure we will decorate with a vintage theme inspired by gems like these!

One store in particular had an adorable cat that followed us around asking for attention. His name was Slim and he loves bubbles.

Last but not least, what store is complete without a huge ice cream cone!? Hope you all are having a wonderful week.

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