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Wholly Minestrone

Second recipe of the year … MINESTRONE! I love minestrone. Especially Olive Garden’s minestrone. Every time I have declared that I will try and make minestrone, I end up making a type of “dump” soup instead. That’s when I just dump whatever veggies I have on hand into a pot and add broth. Quick, easy, hearty.

Not minestrone.

So I finally got the ingredients and went for it. I still left out certain things like olive oil and cheese. I also changed out the carrots for celery. I hate cutting carrots. They fly everywhere.

I must get better at actually measuring out my ingredients. I made like a lifetime supply of soup. Good thing my husband is usually super hungry when he gets off work.

Next time I make this, I want to make more broth, more of the tomato and chicken broth puree. It’s amazing.

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Dumpling Soup

Hungry and sleepy, so I made soup for lunch.

Cooked a little bit of chicken in a skillet. In another skillet I simmered Fit & Active cream of chicken soup, a bit of chicken stock and rinsed black eyed peas. Once the simmer started, I topped the soup with rolled up pieces of biscuits. Then, as the simmering soup simmered, the biscuits cooked and got all fluffy. When the chicken was done, that was added to the soup as well.

Used some fixins and topped with a bit of cheese.

Nom nom.

The husband and I devoured it. His favorite food is black eyed peas. And I love food. So you know, it just works.

When we were done being super full, we went for a run. I found out I had tons of energy. So, you know, that was awesome.

Also, made more apple chips. They just don’t seems to last more than 10 minutes.

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