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Inspirational Awakenings: Line Work

The Devil is in the Details.

WRONG! Only awesome things are in the details. Probably stuff like frozen yogurt, string cheese, kittens, and sunflowers. I love work that has a ton of detail; line work, textures, illustrations. It adds so much depth and personality to a piece. Want to turn a doodle into a character design? Line work. Need that water painting to pop off the page? Hit it up with some Indian Ink. Here is a collection of Internet findings that have grabbed my attention and stolen my eyes lately.

Hopefully soon, all this inspiring work from other artists will switch my art gear from meh to YEA!

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Goodrich Farms: Chicken Preteens

Those little monsters are growing every day. We’ve moved them outside and they love it.

They get to spend more time in their temporary big pen and more time in their permanent pen that will attach to their hutch. They love their hutch.

Oh hey!


Devouring any and every insect!

When Nick or I open the top to check their food and water, they like to fly up on the lip and walk around. Probably looking for bugs to eat, but I like to think they wanna hang out with Nick and I.

First night outside

Just exploring around

Bring the bugs!

Side note, my kitty apparently loves jalapeno plant leaves. Not good!

Kitty aftermath

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Musical Meanderings

Music has been a part of my life since I was in first grade. I played piano for six years, trombone for six years, and even thought I could sing at one point. I was wrong on that last one.

I love music so much, I married a man in a band! My husband, Nick, works in a music store, plays a handful of instruments, is in a band, has a recording studio, and mixes CDs for local groups. He is a bit busy, but I love him.

Nick’s band is called Lindby and they have been playing a ton of shows lately in good old Fort Worth. My friend Mel has been photographing their adventures lately. Here are a few photos from her blog.

Ali, just doing her thing

That's my Nick. All dramatic in the lighting.

Concentrating on being awesome.

The gang, rocking Fort Worth one night at a time.

They rocked pretty hard last Friday. Did a bunch of covers including some Bob Marley, Creedence Clearwater, and The Kinks. I’m way behind on their next poster (whoops!) and they have a CD coming out soon which I need to get done. Needless to say, I should get my butt in gear on designing this stuff!

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Green Thumbs Aspirations: Not Dead Yet!

So it seems as though my deadly skills of killing plants is hiding right now. All of my cucumber and tomato seeds have sprouted and are hanging out on the top of the much used Foosball table!

so big!

That is, until today. I have re potted half of my green growers.

ignore the mess.

I want to keep them all inside to avoid annoying bugs that destroy veggies and the ridiculous heat that is just around the corner. Honestly, the real reason is I want to avoid mosquitoes and wasps. I hate mosquitoes and wasps and they are everywhere.

The indoor porch of the house we are renting is basically like a greenhouse…kind of. It gets tons of light and stays pretty nice and warm. I’m hoping it is sunny enough for the plants, but if not, I’ll suck it up and move them outside.

Also, the little monsters are growing. They are bigger everyday.

how are my sisters? are they ok?

just making sure they are ok…not plotting dinner or anything.

Jaydee still isn’t allowed outside without Nick or I watching. I feel that he is probably working to gain our trust now with the babies. Then, when we turn our back…nom noms. Or maybe he will be our chicken nanny cat!

eating food, drinking water, being ridiculous. the usual

I swear every time I come home, they have grown. I’m going to be so sad when they are all big and crazy looking. I want them to stay little and precious forever, but then we won’t have any fresh eggs. Hmm…they can grow up I guess.

All in all, I’m pooped out. Cleaning up the chicken monster box, re potting plants, and doing kenpo; I’m surprised I’m still awake.

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The Goodrich Farm: Simple Beginnings

Before Nick and I were even engaged, we jokingly talked about all the animals we would have one day. A few cats, a couple of dogs, a snake or two. Well, since we survived the tornado, we decided to jump into our own form of parenthood, raising two baby chicks!

Our babies their first day home!

We had been talking and planning for a while about getting chickens.

It is amazing how fast we both fell in love and became addicted to our little monsters. Their personalities were even apparent on the car ride home.

Daddy's girl

Hardcastle is a bit crazy. She is tightly wound and not super trusting. McCormick is lazy, laid back, and loves to roost. They pick on each other as you would expect siblings to, but hate it when they are separated.

We have already upgraded their temporary cardboard box home twice now. They just keep getting bigger. We have the coup supplies ready, just need to start building. They have started getting super scruffy looking as their down feathers are being replaced by the beginnings of big girl feathers.

Needless to say, I am super excited about them and totally addicted. Jaydee, our kitty, is still undecided. He likes to slink up and stare at them, but when a chick is placed near him or gets too close, he cannot be bothered. Just runs away. I think he misses being the only pet, but we still give him all the love, so he will get over it.

What are these?

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Beautiful Lengths

Today, I cut 8+ inches of my hair off.

These two ponytails will soon be on their way to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This is an opportunity which I have gladly donated to before. Beautiful Lengths collects healthy 8+ inch ponytails that have been donated to create real hair wigs for women who are suffering from cancer and have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Seeing the pigtails off of my head is odd actually. That is exactly how they looked on my head when I wore pigtails in Hawaii. Now they are gone. Gone to help those in need! Super Piggies! Let’s hope they help those who need it.

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Poster in Action

Last weekend, Nick’s band played at a venue in Fort Worth. I spent the day there with my friend Mel as she photographed our friend Rachel. Mel is an up and coming photog….so watch out! That night, we watched the band play and ate delicious pizza.

That day, as we wandered around Fort Worth, I happened upon a quite familiar poster.

My husband had been wandering around Fort Worth, posting these up. It just feels good to see your own work out and about and not just on your computer screen or in your own home. Feels a little legit!

All in all, it was a wonderful and productive day of exploring and eating.

Been sitting on a new poster design that I really should be starting, I’m just letting it marinate for now. Stay tuned for news on my green thumb and some new additions to our little family!

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Weather Warrior

I live in Arlington, Texas, home of the tornado craze of 2012.

It started as a sunny day with a 50% chance of rain. I left work for my lunch break to a light drizzle. At 1:10 I got a phone call from a coworker to either come back to work at that second, or stay home because a tornado was on it’s way. I wanted to make it back in, so I got in my car and got down the street. Then, the alarms started going off. The sky in the direction of my office was pitch black, so I turned around and called into work. It was hitting at that moment.

Images of a video my coworker took of the funnel from our work's backyard. My house is literally right over there with me wondering what was going on inside with no power.

My husband, kitty, and I took shelter in the bathroom at my house with lots of cushions and our camping lantern. Our power was out for about 5-6 hours but that is the worst we got. No hail, no harsh winds, no damage. I didn’t see any funnel clouds and it was an epic day for tornadoes. Anywhere between 6 and 12 hit us that day. The big one was down for 30 minutes, just wreaking havoc. If I had continued driving into work, I would have been right where it hit, pretty much the moment it hit.

I drive past a big hunk of the damage on my way to work everyday, and it is impressive.

After work that day, I tried to avoid a traffic jam caused by the destruction and accidently ended up driving through the neighborhoods that were hit. It was surreal and very heart breaking. The amazing thing is people were already working to fix their roofs and clean up the mess that was left.

Nick and I are so blessed and thankful that we remained safe and unharmed. It is amazing how close it was to us, literally just down the street.

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