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Green Thumb Aspirations: The Beginning

There has been this sad pot in front of our house since we started renting last summer. It was filled with dirt and something dead. I had been using it so far as a home for my pinwheel, but I decided it was finally time to fill it with a beautiful, flowery plant.

sad, dead plant

Nick and I ventured to Home Depot and looked at a ton of very promising plants, and of course we decided to go with three cacti. There is just something about a good cactus plant. And something even bigger about three!

our wonderful cacti family!

The three in the left image are our new additions. The large bottom right one is Donna and the top two smaller ones are the Daleks. So, they are Donna and the Daleks! The two in the right photo in the pot together are Nick’s. They are Pinky and the Brain. The lone little one hanging out with the dinosaur is Arthur Dent. Hopefully she will flower soon!

I also am pushing my luck with my lack of a green thumb. I planted tomato seeds and cucumber seeds and have been watering them everyday. Today, I was surprised to see one cucumber seed had sprouted! This is the most successful I’ve ever been with anything green.

Baby cucumber in a home made newspaper pot!

So, if things keep working out, and I don’t end up killing the baby, I’m going to have to learn how to take care of plants and make trellises….or buy some.

It’s just super exciting!

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Big Reveal!

Remember when I showed you guys a sneak peak of something to come?

Well, it’s here!

My husband is in this band called Lindby, and this is the poster I have designed for their upcoming show in April!

I’m super happy with how it’s turned out!

And now I’m working on an album cover and another set of posters. So busy!

Also, you guys should check out my personal website:

I’m brainstorming my next blog post for my website, so we’ll see what I come up with, and hopefully soon.

Also, soon, if my green thumb actually works, I’ll be posting some info about my epic-ly productive weekend, so stay in touch.

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A Little Floral Photog

I’ve always been interested in photography. I have a fairly nice digital camera which I bought to use on our honeymoon in Hawaii. When I say fairly nice, I mean I’m no photographer, and it makes the photos I take look nice.

I’m super excited to delve into the wonderful world of photography. My next splurge in a monetary sense will hopefully be toward an SLR camera. I have no idea which one to purchase, so lots of research will start soon…I’ve just been procrastinating so far.

Here are some photos of the amazing flowers that were everywhere in Kauai…I miss it so much!

I love these.

Seeing such amazing flowers everywhere was mind blowing.

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Green Thumb Aspirations

I have the opposite of green thumbs. I accidentally killed my bamboo plant 4 years ago and have murdered a small cactus, Arthur Dent, is still alive, thank goodness!

I would LOVE to start growing my own flowers and food. I want to grow cucumbers and tomatoes and celery (Nick loves celery) and oranges!

Here is a website I have found that has tips for growing certain citrus plants inside (which is ideal in Texas heat and mosquito clouds).

(Image: Homes and Garden Journal)

I also want to be more aware of where the meat I buy, cook, and eat comes from. Today I found some great chicken that claims to be all humane and happy and cage free for their chickens! I’m so excited I found it.

And it is pretty darn tasty! I did cook it up in a hurry.

Yesterday I started P90X again, lean plan. I’m all motivated and working hard. I did Cardio today and, by the power of gray-skull … I am so sore, so cooking wasn’t super exciting or high on the list of things to do. Just getting something healthy into my body was the goal. Ugh, muscles I didn’t even know existed hurt.

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Shirt a ha!

I love me a good t shirt. Comfy is top priority, super second is anything that I think is awesome.

I ordered this here beauty yesterday from

I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

And most importantly, a shirt that you can make into something on your own is always great. A Threadless shirt that a certain friend can’t wear anymore, resize it, change the neck from normal into a v neck and boom! new free shirt!

I would love to do this to an old shirt soon

No idea when I would wear it though…or maybe everywhere?

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Randoms and Foods

So my mind has been all over the place lately. Instead of trying to control it, I’ve just let it go wild. I am almost finished with a few projects I’ve been working on, so that is really nice. But I have a growing list of things I really want to do. Being a better artist is top of the list, so I guess that means I need to practice. Come one brain, let’s get it together! Hmm, I’m hungry.

As always, food is comes before anything else…cause I’m usually hungry. This week my stomach got to enjoy home made tomato soup.

Two cans of diced tomatoes (the kind with oregano) with 6 ounces of weight watchers cream cheese-put in a soup pan and simmer. Then, blend it! So good.

Next day was taco salad.

Turkey meat cooked with taco seasoning on spinach, corn, and tomatoes. Nom Nom

And here is a good representation of the workings of my brain lately:


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tummiestimes: Summersoon

Alrighty guys.

This is a guest post from my gal pal over at Read it, enjoy it, and visit tummiestimes.


hi dudes!! katie asked me to make a lil sumpin in honor of summer- that horrid creature looming around the bend of every road i am ever on. SRY but i don’t like summer that much!!! mostly just because i am ALWAYS subjected to texas summer. which is not actually summer; it is the wrath of something very evil. but here are some things that help me power through months 4 to 9.

this one is from asos and it is completely dreamy.
i am not a huge accessory person, so belts are where it is at for me. the thinner & brighter, the better! for the bold-hearted, target has started putting out some poppin scarves.. & jewels deserve a lil spotlight every now and then, too!
these are rag & bone, but target also has some pretty tasty ones! They run about two sizes small…. dunno what thats all about. check gap, too!
i don’t know about you- but as soon as summer hits, i do not want ANYTHING touching my body. like. nothing. but i guess it’s, like, not cool to walk around naked? whatever!! oversized tanks are the next best thing. forever 21 never lets me down. and yeah- during the winter i am size xs.. but summertime is all about the xxl. you got a problem??
gloss/gloss/gloss/ it girl! make up + sweat just doesn’t really work out. i’m into NARS‘s glosses (nonglitter please)- but for the balmers, check out KORRES. sure, it’s pricey.. but your lips will never be softer, promise!
stripes & summer belong together- it is just how things need to be! this little number from ellamoss is pretty divine. I would also count on jcrew & madewell to produce some stellar stripes this summer. a girl can hope, at least.
a must for this girl. secrets- i have worn mine through the winter with leggings underneath! They are just so versatile! and obv it feels awesome to recycle your old beloved jeans that have seen better days. for some reason, i think they look best in black? weird.
i hope you aren’t over animal print yet!!! because i am dying for these sandals! a pop of print with these toms would also suffice.
again, i am interested in the whole nothing-touches-my-body thing. target is selling. and i am buying!
ditch the EW and grab the NS totes, dudes! make sure at least two bottles of wine and a few magazines will fit! and maybe a change of clothes? who knows! dying for this nanamica & this kate spade.
just give it all up already! be one with the loose-fit. you & your deodorant will thank me. yeah. went there. live & die in this. for real.


Fashion Nistas: 2

Spring is in the air, and hopefully it will stay. Here in Texas, we skipped winter and have landed on gnats, daddy long legs, and mosquito. It will probably turn into summer before you can get your first can of Off.

With that in mind, I’m loving on some fashions and clothes and hoping to bring some love to my own wardrobe. Once again, I depend on Pinterest for all my hopes and dreams!

I love this shirt. I have no idea where to find it, but maybe I can alter something I have to fit this idea. It looks so fancy but casual.

I’ve done my fair share of altering and upcycling on pieces in my closet. When things are too big, make them fit! When a shirt collar drives you insane, turn it into a v-neck! When a friend wants to get rid of an awesome Threadless shirt, take it and make it yours!

I’ve used this technique on two of my button up shirts. Has a fancy pizzaz to it in my opinion. I don’t add the buttons, just do some careful sewing. Sewing buttons is not a skill I have acquired yet. Hopefully I will soon.

I want a spinal column print on the back of one of my nicer shirts. I think it would be so epic. The front of the shirt would be so normal and clean and no one would suspect it being anything other than just a nice shirt, then you turn around and BAM! Instant badass!

I guess this post is more of a button up shirt appreciation post.

Not anymore!

I LOVE shoes that remind me of Keds. Also, I miss my ankle bracelets. This summer might be time to revisit a younger version of myself. Anklets and not caring about being sweaty. It just gets soooo sweaty though. How about some old fashion N64 games? That might be the way to go. Air conditioning, anklets, and N64.

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