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I have a lot of stuff going on recently. A lot of projects in the works, finishing up, or marinating in my mind space. Until the things on my “to do” list switch to my “to done list” and I can tell you about them, enjoy these recent photos of life.

Spoiled Ladies

The girls are handling the random changing of weather like pros, even if they are spoiled rotten with their heat lamp for the cold nights and fan for the hot days. They follow me when I go to the backyard to check on them, and sometimes it is a bit unsettling. I feel like they are plotting things against me, so I make sure to keep their food and water well stocked. That way I’m more of a necessity to their lives, and I can continue to steal their eggs.

Judging you

Jaydee is getting super cuddly as the weather gets cooler. He also let’s me know how important he is, when he needs to be fed, and how displeased he is when I give attention to other animals.

Fall colors have been exploding around here. I don’t remember the trees showing so many great colors for any amount of time in previous years before going bald for winter. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in years past. Whatever it is, it’s pleasant and makes me hopeful for a good winter.

Possibly the best update is that Christmas decorations are going up. Nick and I are slowly growing our holiday collections of decorations, and this year it’s looking good. I’m trying to keep from stocking up on more lights and things, but it might be a losing battle.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far and had an excellent start to the holidays during Thanksgiving.

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Extreme Decorations

Last weekend I visited the Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington. I have only been there a few times before, twice before last Christmas and once in the summer just out of curiosity (it was a bit creepy to be surrounded by so much Christmas spirit in the middle of the summer). This time, I went early enough in the morning to avoid the insane shoppers. It is impressive how crowded and busy it can get without warning. One minute you are deciding which ornament you are going to buy, the next there are strollers, baskets, and frantic shoppers penning you in, keeping you from making that super important decision that may or may not affect the rest of your life!

Is there even a tree under there?

Well the store did not disappoint. At all. Great stuff, weird things, and very cheesy items were everywhere. Each section had an impressive theme all done up. Well, not every theme was great. There was the animal section with this little jewel.

But everything was over the top in a very enjoyable way. I think my favorite things this year were the chocolate and candy themed ornaments (they were very convincing) and the sassy reindeer.

Please excuse the fuzzy photo!

I’m glad I talked myself into not spending too much money, because that place is a trap. A good, super festive, exciting trap that smells great. I already had a theme for our Christmas tree in mind, so I was not swayed by the hundreds of amazing ornaments that were literally everywhere.

I love Christmas thiiiiiis much

It was a little bit of an exhausting shopping trip, but adventurous and exciting at the same time. Part of me wants to go back during the heart of Christmas shopping just to be a part of the insanity, but I will probably regain my sanity and realize that isn’t the best idea in the world. Lol!

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Important Aspects of Autumn

Thanksgiving is creeping up, the weather is finally cooler, and I’m craving every food imaginable.

Now, beggars can’t be choosers, but I wish it was colder. I want frost every morning, possibility of snow during the holidays, and I want to be wearing scarves and boots everywhere! When I’m home, I want to turn the fireplace on, wear slippers, and bundle up in every blanket I own. Also, fireplace s’mores and hot chocolate – they are a must. One year, maybe Texas will have another epic winter like we did a few years ago. Until then, I will just sound super greedy with my wishes for Texas weather.

The house has a nice almost constant smell of pumpkin and cider. We found two candle scents that have been perfect and lasted longer than expected for how often we use them. Also, our Scentsy has been working overtime with the amazing mocha style scent we own.

Nick and I have started collecting some nice decorations since our first Thanksgiving as a married couple last year. This turkey being one of them. Excuse the slightly blurry photo!

The things I am most excited for right now? All the food that I will try to make and eat this season. We will be having a few Thanksgiving get togethers with friends and family. Both sides of the family have a dinner planned, and I’m excited to see everybody. Also, the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m a sucker for it.

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Delicious Thrifting

This past weekend I ventured out with two lovely ladies on a most successful brunch and shopping date.

We started out the day at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum. The area has such colorful and vibrant buildings, art, and potential. I know the city has taken great steps to making it a more friendly and interesting place, and it is paying off. I hope more businesses and people come so it can become a mini Austin for us DFW residents to enjoy. Especially local food restaurants.

I’m still day dreaming about my delicious veggie breakfast tacos and sweet potato fries.

That tasty treasure fueled me throughout our entire day of browsing, window shopping, and purchasing. I am almost always overwhelmed at stores and malls, and leave the place exhausted with some crankiness. Not Saturday. I think it was due to the food and company.

We traveled down the street to Lulu B’s store. I had been once before, but saw all new things this time around. If I wasn’t trying to save money for some serious Christmas shopping and trying to de-clutter my junk, I would have left with tons of great finds. Instead, I took some pictures.

Can you tell how much I love mugs? My husband and I have a somewhat goofy and nice collection.

After Lulu B’s, we drove out to the Galleria in Dallas. No photos were taken. Just lots and lots of walking, avoiding the tons of shoppers, and enjoying all the stores that a humongous mall houses.

Delicious day of food, thrifting, and shopping = success

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More Random Thoughts … and Trains

Apparently I’ve started taking way less photos, therefore there have been less posts with imagery and more using my ramblings. Or maybe my photos are not very good and mostly about the same subjects as before (like my cat and chickens).

Anyways, I have discovered a new comforting thing in my life since we moved to the new house. The sound of trains. The only time a train isn’t comforting is when it is blocking you on your way to work, or anywhere you are trying to get to. But the sound of a distant train has become calming to me.

Growing up, my family had a ping pong table. I’m not sure why, or how we got it, because I don’t remember ever playing on it. I do, however, remember turning it into a train set. Every year, before Christmas, we would set up the train set in front of the Christmas tree. To call it a train set might be an understatement. It was built out of the top of a ping pong table and was thick and heavy. Maybe it wasn’t a ping pong table, that might just be how I am remembering it. Whatever it was, it was huge, and bulky, and hurt when someone clumsy like me would run into it. But I loved it.

We started with just an awesome train that you could control using a light switch that was attached to the board. It was the kind of light switch that you turned clockwise to turn on, and counterclockwise to turn off. In our case, if you turned it right, the train would move forward. Turning it all the way to the left, the train would go in reverse. The middle setting would make the train stop.

We added new parts and details to the set every year, eventually creating a town. A barn was put in, a shopping strip, the barn animals (I remember really liking the chickens), houses, and a bridge. One year we found the perfect people to add to our set. We even painted the grass and rivers on as we progressed.

Eventually we moved on from the train set. Out grew it or forgot about it, not sure which.

Skip forward a decade and some years and trains came back into my life. A loud train would wake me up in my dorm often at nights my first few weeks of college. It drove me nuts. Why would anyone blast a train horn super early in the morning? College kids nearby are sleeping! Randomly, that annoyance became a comfort. I enjoyed hearing the train whistle. Not sure how something that enraged you one night can become a comfort the next.

I heard the train throughout college randomly on nights and it would send that feeling into my chest of home and safety. It hasn’t been until moving into this new house that I realize, I have missed that sound. I haven’t heard it since college and apartment living. There is a train near my new house and it is vocal. Just last night I heard what I can only describe as a caterwauling between two trains. Maybe it is just nice closure for the enjoyment of that bulky homemade train set.

Now that I’ve gotten some train thoughts out of my head, maybe I’ll start taking non-terrible pictures again. Who knows! The next post could be about mismatched socks. My brain tends to do what it wants.

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