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Randoms and Foods

So my mind has been all over the place lately. Instead of trying to control it, I’ve just let it go wild. I am almost finished with a few projects I’ve been working on, so that is really nice. But I have a growing list of things I really want to do. Being a better artist is top of the list, so I guess that means I need to practice. Come one brain, let’s get it together! Hmm, I’m hungry.

As always, food is comes before anything else…cause I’m usually hungry. This week my stomach got to enjoy home made tomato soup.

Two cans of diced tomatoes (the kind with oregano) with 6 ounces of weight watchers cream cheese-put in a soup pan and simmer. Then, blend it! So good.

Next day was taco salad.

Turkey meat cooked with taco seasoning on spinach, corn, and tomatoes. Nom Nom

And here is a good representation of the workings of my brain lately:


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