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Moving on

The newest adventure for the Goodrich duo is moving day. We are packing up and moving a little north, closer to my job and avoiding some of the terrible construction and traffic that seems to be spreading like a virus.

We aren’t sure of the exact moving day yet, but it is sometime this month. I’m excited! The new location is really nice. The backyard isn’t nearly as large, but still a good, large size for the chickens. Packing is well underway, and it is intense. Lol.

In other news, our cucumber plants have passed on. The ants, aphids, and heat were the end of them, but we had a great run. Half of the tomato plants are looking like their end is near as well while the other half don’t look bothered at all. The jalapenos are just as hardcore as they have ever been.

Enjoy the week all and get ready for the weekend!

(grow count as of this morning:

24 cucumbers, 37 jalepenos, 14 tomatoes)

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