Extreme Decorations

Last weekend I visited the Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington. I have only been there a few times before, twice before last Christmas and once in the summer just out of curiosity (it was a bit creepy to be surrounded by so much Christmas spirit in the middle of the summer). This time, I went early enough in the morning to avoid the insane shoppers. It is impressive how crowded and busy it can get without warning. One minute you are deciding which ornament you are going to buy, the next there are strollers, baskets, and frantic shoppers penning you in, keeping you from making that super important decision that may or may not affect the rest of your life!

Is there even a tree under there?

Well the store did not disappoint. At all. Great stuff, weird things, and very cheesy items were everywhere. Each section had an impressive theme all done up. Well, not every theme was great. There was the animal section with this little jewel.

But everything was over the top in a very enjoyable way. I think my favorite things this year were the chocolate and candy themed ornaments (they were very convincing) and the sassy reindeer.

Please excuse the fuzzy photo!

I’m glad I talked myself into not spending too much money, because that place is a trap. A good, super festive, exciting trap that smells great. I already had a theme for our Christmas tree in mind, so I was not swayed by the hundreds of amazing ornaments that were literally everywhere.

I love Christmas thiiiiiis much

It was a little bit of an exhausting shopping trip, but adventurous and exciting at the same time. Part of me wants to go back during the heart of Christmas shopping just to be a part of the insanity, but I will probably regain my sanity and realize that isn’t the best idea in the world. Lol!

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