Important Aspects of Autumn

Thanksgiving is creeping up, the weather is finally cooler, and I’m craving every food imaginable.

Now, beggars can’t be choosers, but I wish it was colder. I want frost every morning, possibility of snow during the holidays, and I want to be wearing scarves and boots everywhere! When I’m home, I want to turn the fireplace on, wear slippers, and bundle up in every blanket I own. Also, fireplace s’mores and hot chocolate – they are a must. One year, maybe Texas will have another epic winter like we did a few years ago. Until then, I will just sound super greedy with my wishes for Texas weather.

The house has a nice almost constant smell of pumpkin and cider. We found two candle scents that have been perfect and lasted longer than expected for how often we use them. Also, our Scentsy has been working overtime with the amazing mocha style scent we own.

Nick and I have started collecting some nice decorations since our first Thanksgiving as a married couple last year. This turkey being one of them. Excuse the slightly blurry photo!

The things I am most excited for right now? All the food that I will try to make and eat this season. We will be having a few Thanksgiving get togethers with friends and family. Both sides of the family have a dinner planned, and I’m excited to see everybody. Also, the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m a sucker for it.

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