Achievement Unlocked

Nick and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary recently. The actual anniversary was on a Monday, but why celebrate on a Monday, when you can celebrate an entire weekend?

We kicked off the weekend with some absolutely delicious sushi. We both love sushi and treated ourselves to some fancy pants rolls.

Saturday, a glorious cool front blew in, so I made pumpkin English muffin egg sandwiches while Nick bought us coffee. We enjoyed eating breaking outside watching our chickens be silly.

We planned on going to a viewing area at the airport that early afternoon for a picnic and watch the planes land and takeoff, but the never ending construction and traffic in DFW stopped us in our tracks. The picnic was relocated to our own backyard, which turned out to be perfect. Instead of having ants at our picnic, we had two very curious chickens.

That evening, we did a super fun photoshoot with Mel. We smiled, showed off our tiny family, and even tried some lighting techniques and silly poses. Can’t wait to see all the photos and how they turned out!
The last day of our weekend was FAIR DAY! We practically opened and almost closed the state fair and my feet were sore! The weather was super cold, which was perfect. I did turn my scarf into a head and neck scarf combination that did wonders to keep my ears warm. We devoured so much food that day, saw some great shows, and enjoyed watching the fair come to life as it got dark.

funnel cake!

couldn’t resist the rooster riding a dragon float


looks like jamie hyneman to me

All in all, it was an awesome and laid back successful anniversary weekend. Our first year of being married has been intense and busy with tons of changes. We went on three trips out of state, moved, I changed jobs, and tons of other small changes here and there. Our latest development is a brand new bed! Kitty approves, I have to fight him nightly for my spot on it.

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