Goodriches on the move

Moving day came and went successfully. We had a ton of help from friends and family so it only took 2 days to move the big stuff and an extra few days to move tiny stuff and finish cleaning the old place.

Seeing everything you own in boxes is a very confusing moment. And super annoying when you can’t find anything you need, due to it being packed.

Also, I got to pick up a 20 foot U haul truck and drive it for a bit before I handed the keys off to Nick. It was pretty terrifying and epic.

Nick driving the insanely large truck

The ladies were NOT pleased about being in the truck with us

Same boxes, new space. This is after day one and one trip in the truck.

Unpacking, on the other hand, is taking forever. There are some great little moments that keep coming along that make the stress go away.

A lady bug came to enjoy our surviving plants

Our ladies adjusted very quickly, and are now BOTH laying eggs!

Jaydee is the only one who was not pleased. He hid for a day, but got over it.

Unpacking goes better with some “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Expect some fun updates soon. We have been super busy and been out enjoying things that I really need to post about.

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