Sassy Ladies

Just a little post of the ladies, all grown up.

We have collected a total of 10 eggs since they started laying. I think only McCormick is laying, but Hardcastle has been showing serious interest in the laying box. Maybe they are tricking me and taking turns. Who knows!

This is McCormick’s rock stance. “Come at me bro!”

I only wish I could train them to eat mosquitoes before I get bit. Just follow me around the backyard like little body guards. I can’t wait for fall when I can just let them roam around more and hang out with them. Maybe I’ll train kitty to get the mosquitoes…

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2 thoughts on “Sassy Ladies

  1. Awww! They’re lovely! I so envy you, I can’t wait for the day I’ll have my own house! Few chickens, a goat, a sheep… Ah, good life! : )

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