Gallivanting Goodriches: Ohio

Nick and I got to visit most of my Ohio family recently along with my brother and parents. The slightly cooler weather was a wonderful break from the Texas heat. I wish we could have stayed longer and spent more time with everyone, but at least we did get to visit.

While in Ohio, we also ate a TON of food. If there is one thing we Hagarmans (plus two Goodrich’s) know how to do, it is find and devour tasty food. The Texas branch of the family found a Mellow Mushroom and it became our favorite spot to eat.

Dad and Nick waiting on some PIZZA

Another food place of note put my belt to the test. It was in an art district that reminded me of the Austin scene. The food was great, the people were nice, the places were visually pleasing, and there was art everywhere.


Just some great random art

These chips nearly undid me. They were kettle chips with blue cheese melted on top along with tomatoes and other delicious things. They went quickly!

Trying to walk off our meal, we stumbled upon an ivy covered building. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy some nice sites with nice weather and bonding time.

I even overlooked my fear of heights on the plane right back to enjoy some epic clouds and a rosy sunset.

It was a much needed trip, even though it was super short.

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