Goodrich Farms: Roaming Around

The girls have been outside for a while and loving it. We have attached their pen to their hutch permanently so they can come and go as they please even when we are not around. Nick and I are planning on adding wheels to the bottom and reinforcing it so it can be wheeled around the backyard, giving the chickens roaming privileges.

Two peas in a pod

I have been having a surprisingly great time working out in the backyard with Nick. I hate bugs and the heat, but neither bother me when we are being super productive and just enjoying the day. Yes my legs are covered in mosquito bites even though I am covered in OFF and yes I get super sweaty, but there is just something about doing physical work outside and seeing the progress. That and the fact that we let the chickens have free reign of the backyard while we are out there to make sure they don’t get into trouble.

Devouring all the bugs!

Mel came by and took some more pictures of my babies for me. Her amazing photography skills have been a great help in capturing ridiculous moments in the chickens life so far!

Just hanging out with McCormick.

While photographing with McCormick, Hardcastle was peeping away from her little pen. They hate being separated!

Our little ladies.

The latest adorable moment of these two was this past weekend. Nick was holding McCormick to see if Hardcastle would follow them around the backyard. Not only did she follow, she flew up and grabbed onto his shorts and held on. When the ladies are separated, they run back to each other as quickly as possible. It doesn’t get old.

Even though these girls are completely spoiled by Nick and I and are pretty ridiculous, I love them. They are a great addition to our family and they haven’t even started laying eggs yet! They are silly, super soft, and fun to watch. On top of that, every bug they eat is one less disgusting thing to try and get into my house!

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One thought on “Goodrich Farms: Roaming Around

  1. They’re getting so big!!!

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