Art Scene: Chicago

During our Chicago visit, we took Monday as a “see as much as you possibly can in one day and walk until you fall over” kind of day. We accomplished both.

We got on the train to go into town at way too early in the morning. Nick just started walking, and I, being shorter and not having as long legs, did my best to keep up. We enjoyed the amazing architecture of the city, and the random odd art pieces here and there. It was a little wet, but didn’t rain on us until a few hours later.

Art on the side of a building? Sure!

No idea. But I like it.

I got to see the Bean! It was oddly impressive and very cool to walk around and under.

Just messing around.

Just doing the Randal walk.

Right before it started to rain, we opened up the Art Institute and I lost my mind. Basically everything I studied in my Art History classes was on display. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Nick and I did our best to see everything, but the Institute is like a small town. You could practically live in there. I’ll be visiting again, trust me.

Love Barbara Kruger

Georgia O’Keeffe

Nick enjoying some good old Salvador Dali

I love seeing art in real life. I love the history of it and the stories it tells. I do not like being serious when I’m looking at art; being all dead face. I’m just not a serious person. I like to enjoy it, interact with it, make it part of my day. Nick has brought that out in me. When I’m not making certain he isn’t touching the art, I’m enjoying listening to stories he makes up about art pieces. How they interact with other pieces in the building, what other pieces they have been fighting with, what shenanigans they have been getting into. That boy has the best imagination.

Lol. Kitty

Why so sad American Gothic?

Don’t Blink!

Listening to Van Gogh’s stories. Waiting for Doctor Who to arrive with Bill Nighy.

It was an amazing blur of talent and history and sore feet. I can’t wait to go back and spend a few days in there…maybe they would let us camp out in the sculpture garden? Probably not, anyways all those statues freak me out after having a few Doctor Who marathons. Yikes!

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