Gallivanting Goodriches: Chicago

We took a weekend trip to Chicago last week for me to meet/visit a large part of my new family! It was a jam packed 4 days. I’m still a little worn out. But in a good way.

There was so much to do and so many people to see that we were rushing the whole time. I would have loved to have more time with my new family, but it was a great initial visit.

About to take the train!

Hey Grandma Goody!

Grandma Goody took us to a jazz concert starring Wynton Marsalis. It was insane!

It was a beautiful building.

Grandma Goody scored Nick an epic floor seat. He was basically a part of the action.

We saw so many family members, but I forgot to take pictures. I was too busy talking and getting to know people. Oh well!

I did snag a picture of Nick, Mickey, and me.

Doing our best “American Gothic” impression.

We did manage to get a little touristy and see the Willis Tower. I kept wanting to call it the Bruce Willis Tower…just cause.

Such beautiful buildings.

Up on the 103 floor, in the sky deck, looking straight down.

We also go to devour some tasty foods in Chicago.

Worked up an appetite.

My first taste of Chicago pizza. Om nom nom.

It was a great trip and I have more photos than I know what to do with, especially of our Monday adventures. We basically crammed as much site seeing as possible into one day. More about that later!

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