Green Thumbs Aspirations: Not Dead Yet!

So it seems as though my deadly skills of killing plants is hiding right now. All of my cucumber and tomato seeds have sprouted and are hanging out on the top of the much used Foosball table!

so big!

That is, until today. I have re potted half of my green growers.

ignore the mess.

I want to keep them all inside to avoid annoying bugs that destroy veggies and the ridiculous heat that is just around the corner. Honestly, the real reason is I want to avoid mosquitoes and wasps. I hate mosquitoes and wasps and they are everywhere.

The indoor porch of the house we are renting is basically like a greenhouse…kind of. It gets tons of light and stays pretty nice and warm. I’m hoping it is sunny enough for the plants, but if not, I’ll suck it up and move them outside.

Also, the little monsters are growing. They are bigger everyday.

how are my sisters? are they ok?

just making sure they are ok…not plotting dinner or anything.

Jaydee still isn’t allowed outside without Nick or I watching. I feel that he is probably working to gain our trust now with the babies. Then, when we turn our back…nom noms. Or maybe he will be our chicken nanny cat!

eating food, drinking water, being ridiculous. the usual

I swear every time I come home, they have grown. I’m going to be so sad when they are all big and crazy looking. I want them to stay little and precious forever, but then we won’t have any fresh eggs. Hmm…they can grow up I guess.

All in all, I’m pooped out. Cleaning up the chicken monster box, re potting plants, and doing kenpo; I’m surprised I’m still awake.

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