Weather Warrior

I live in Arlington, Texas, home of the tornado craze of 2012.

It started as a sunny day with a 50% chance of rain. I left work for my lunch break to a light drizzle. At 1:10 I got a phone call from a coworker to either come back to work at that second, or stay home because a tornado was on it’s way. I wanted to make it back in, so I got in my car and got down the street. Then, the alarms started going off. The sky in the direction of my office was pitch black, so I turned around and called into work. It was hitting at that moment.

Images of a video my coworker took of the funnel from our work's backyard. My house is literally right over there with me wondering what was going on inside with no power.

My husband, kitty, and I took shelter in the bathroom at my house with lots of cushions and our camping lantern. Our power was out for about 5-6 hours but that is the worst we got. No hail, no harsh winds, no damage. I didn’t see any funnel clouds and it was an epic day for tornadoes. Anywhere between 6 and 12 hit us that day. The big one was down for 30 minutes, just wreaking havoc. If I had continued driving into work, I would have been right where it hit, pretty much the moment it hit.

I drive past a big hunk of the damage on my way to work everyday, and it is impressive.

After work that day, I tried to avoid a traffic jam caused by the destruction and accidently ended up driving through the neighborhoods that were hit. It was surreal and very heart breaking. The amazing thing is people were already working to fix their roofs and clean up the mess that was left.

Nick and I are so blessed and thankful that we remained safe and unharmed. It is amazing how close it was to us, literally just down the street.

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One thought on “Weather Warrior

  1. melissaclaireblog says:

    Seriously, thank you Kiki for warning you to stay at home. SO grateful that you guys were okay. Texas weather is unpredictable, and unforgiving. ❤

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