Green Thumb Aspirations: The Beginning

There has been this sad pot in front of our house since we started renting last summer. It was filled with dirt and something dead. I had been using it so far as a home for my pinwheel, but I decided it was finally time to fill it with a beautiful, flowery plant.

sad, dead plant

Nick and I ventured to Home Depot and looked at a ton of very promising plants, and of course we decided to go with three cacti. There is just something about a good cactus plant. And something even bigger about three!

our wonderful cacti family!

The three in the left image are our new additions. The large bottom right one is Donna and the top two smaller ones are the Daleks. So, they are Donna and the Daleks! The two in the right photo in the pot together are Nick’s. They are Pinky and the Brain. The lone little one hanging out with the dinosaur is Arthur Dent. Hopefully she will flower soon!

I also am pushing my luck with my lack of a green thumb. I planted tomato seeds and cucumber seeds and have been watering them everyday. Today, I was surprised to see one cucumber seed had sprouted! This is the most successful I’ve ever been with anything green.

Baby cucumber in a home made newspaper pot!

So, if things keep working out, and I don’t end up killing the baby, I’m going to have to learn how to take care of plants and make trellises….or buy some.

It’s just super exciting!

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2 thoughts on “Green Thumb Aspirations: The Beginning

  1. Danny says:

    Good luck and how exciting with the cucumber plant. I have a black thumb but trying my hand at more herbs this year 🙂

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