Green Thumb Aspirations

I have the opposite of green thumbs. I accidentally killed my bamboo plant 4 years ago and have murdered a small cactus, Arthur Dent, is still alive, thank goodness!

I would LOVE to start growing my own flowers and food. I want to grow cucumbers and tomatoes and celery (Nick loves celery) and oranges!

Here is a website I have found that has tips for growing certain citrus plants inside (which is ideal in Texas heat and mosquito clouds).

(Image: Homes and Garden Journal)

I also want to be more aware of where the meat I buy, cook, and eat comes from. Today I found some great chicken that claims to be all humane and happy and cage free for their chickens! I’m so excited I found it.

And it is pretty darn tasty! I did cook it up in a hurry.

Yesterday I started P90X again, lean plan. I’m all motivated and working hard. I did Cardio today and, by the power of gray-skull … I am so sore, so cooking wasn’t super exciting or high on the list of things to do. Just getting something healthy into my body was the goal. Ugh, muscles I didn’t even know existed hurt.

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One thought on “Green Thumb Aspirations

  1. Megan Lewis says:

    You are so positive and proactive! You make me want to try harder 🙂

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