And hello!

Made breakfast cookies the other night.

Just a combo of 1.5 cups of oats, a cup of applesauce, bananas, craisins, butterscotch chips and cinnamon. Baked to auromatic yummies and done!

Nick and I have been running regularly now. Some nights we even double our distance, and our pace is getting faster as well. I’m finally getting into better shape so I don’t have to take as many breaks. Which is nice. I like to think if the zombie apocalypse happened, I’d have a better chance of running to safety now.

Also, I love this door.

Always makes me think of hobbit doors in Bag End.

Random, but whatever.

Also, short and sweet!

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2 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. tummies says:

    OMG I LOVE THAT DOOR!!! Where did you find it?! i hope it is someone’s front door. because that means you are doing real creepy things. and i support it.

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