Pumpkin Seeds

The weekend weather was amazing, but confusing for January. The husband tried to teach me how to throw a Frisbee. I can now aim, most of the time. We had to work up our appetite for food, which for the night was sushi, but it was disappointing, so no more talk on it.

Nick and I, like many others, got a pumpkin before Halloween. We never carved it, ran out of time, so it has been sitting nicely on our front porch. It never got icky or mushy, so over the weekend, we opened it up and cooked the seeds.

As in our fashion, we devoured them, they didn’t last the night.

The toasted seeds did help me get over my depression at having finished season 2 of Sherlock. It was amazing and now to wait until season 3. Sigh.

Did do a fun drawing just for kicks.

It is zombie Sherlock experimenting with eating Watson’s brains.

Cause … I think it is funny.They are bff’s, so it’s all cool.

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5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Seeds

  1. mythineats says:

    I love Pumpkin seeds, they’re a great snack and extremely healthy for you. A little salty which can bloat but if you make at home and put less salt they are wonderful.

  2. Christina says:

    Love pumkin seeds they taste great tossed with a little cumin and salt Nice zobie drawing by the way 🙂
    Stop by http://saltpepperbrilliant.wordpress.com/

  3. Christina says:

    lol zombie

  4. tummies says:

    omg. seriously?! did you at least google “how to tell if pumpkins are still good”?!
    i hope you guys dont turn into zombies from those zombie pumpkin guts.
    ALSO– ARE YOU WATCHING THE WALKING DEAD ON AMC??? bc you should. netflix.

    • Katie says:

      lol, nom nom braaaaains. the pumpkin was perfectly fine. until we killed it.
      i haven’t been watching the walking dead. pretty sure it would give me the heeby geebies! i probably will soon though. cause it looks awesome.

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