this adventure will be of food, drawing, and … whatever else i get up to. probably lots of thought trains.

i’ve had huge changes in my life recently and fell off with somethings i use to love to do like drawing. now, as things are slowly falling into place, i am jumping back into being productive with things i enjoy.

the past 2 years have included a wedding, graduating college, and starting a full time job. i dropped 15 pounds from when my boyfriend became my fiance to when we became hubby and wife. getting married is a huge motivator to lose weight.

the transformation of turning my normal food intake to that of a lazy twenty something american to a healthy, helpful intake was difficult at first with much complaining on my part. now it is normal and tasty!

never been a cook, now i love it. so does the husband. i love that he does dishes. can’t stand doing dishes.

i think i realized i had reached that transformation friday at work when a coworker mentioned i eat healthier than she ever would. i’ve never been that “healthy food conscience” person. that person was always someone i wanted to be. they seem happier, have less health issues, and i wanna be healthy and awesome when i am 50 years old! now that i feel i have arrived, i love it.

off to pinetrest to find what i will be making for lunch …

(as i listen to “you never can tell” by chuck berry)


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